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Anyone mix breakbeat jungle bigbeat
Forget about 4/4
I whant to know which songs you mix
I have trried it but its hard.

Posted Tue 30 Sep 03 @ 3:51 pm
DJ Cypher mixes Drum And Bass i think!

Posted Tue 30 Sep 03 @ 7:45 pm
DJ CocoPRO InfinityMember since 2003
yes he does !

Posted Wed 01 Oct 03 @ 12:24 am
sketchPRO InfinityMember since 2003
My main genre is d&b........

Much more fun...


Posted Wed 08 Oct 03 @ 11:55 am
nscodeHome userMember since 2003
I don't think Disco_InfernO wanted to see how many people mix d'n'b, but one of those people to get him started with doing it!

Posted Wed 08 Oct 03 @ 6:00 pm
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
Yup...topic was definatley a question not a poll.......

Posted Wed 08 Oct 03 @ 7:12 pm
sketchPRO InfinityMember since 2003
sorry waiting for a specific question....but i will come up with some advice....

Posted Wed 08 Oct 03 @ 7:29 pm
juesky do also, he put a post in the old atomix forum, try to search it very good tips ;)


Posted Thu 16 Oct 03 @ 12:27 am

Posted Thu 16 Oct 03 @ 3:39 am
sketchPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I forgot about that previous Atomixmp3 post....good memory...

Just to re-enforce....get away from the auto bpm, make the up and down cursor keys pitch, and the left and right nudge repectivly. You should be able to bring the beats into alignment by pressing pitch down & nudge left/ pitch up & nudge might take a while as its quite different to mix 4:4....general most tunes are around 170bpm so no major pitch shifts are generally required.

Also set cue points to the start of the beat pattern, this will allow you to return to the beginning quickly and refit the new tune.

I also made the bpm sync guide very small and not so noticable by editing the skin. It far to much hassle than its worth when mixing d&b as you have to get the bpm dead on, which you don't need to when you get good at the above.

Also remeber to use your ears more than your eyes, which are merley there as a cue. The actual output is what counts so its wise to keep tabs on that.



Posted Thu 16 Oct 03 @ 11:22 am
Virtual DJ normally gets the BPM of breakbeats wrong and so if you want auto beat mixing you have to set it manually.

However, I made a discovery last night - the Virtual DJ BPM calculation is often out by exactly 50% on breakbeat tracks. So if you take the figure it has calculated, multiply by 1.5 and type this into the BPM box, it may be perfect (although you'll also have to adjust the phase).

I tried this on about fifteen tracks and on at least ten it worked (stuff like LTJ Bukem and The Prodigy) - and it's so much quicker than doing a manual beat tap.

Posted Wed 10 Dec 03 @ 11:29 am
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Thanks for the tip!

Posted Wed 10 Dec 03 @ 2:59 pm
OjLenoHome userMember since 2003
Cool! Thanks for the tip!

Posted Mon 22 Dec 03 @ 5:16 am
jukesyPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Hi, Ive been a bit inactive for a while but I see the age old question of drum and bass has come up again. So to save you the trouble of opening a new browser and pasting the link in that DJ Cypher gave, here is my unedited post.

(Ps thanks DJ Cypher for remembering :))

"practicing and listening to as much drum and bass as possible are the main tips I can give. (but only because the more you practice/listen the easier it will be for you to hear a pattern in the tune - see description below)

Also dont rely on the visuals so much. Using Headphones is the most important thing you can do.

All music is made up of repetitive loops and patterns. For example most sequencers and music tools for music creation such as Acid Pro. fruityloops etc.. use loops to create a final song.
These patterns, the majority of the time, stay the same length for the whole tune. ie the tempo of the tune does not change. (unless you are trying to mix with Aphex Twin or other artists that bend the rules of music making)

The basis of mixing two tunes together is matching these pattern lengths.

Every song has a tempo, beats and bars. All you have to do is work out (by listening to the tune) the length of the pattern. Once you have the length of one pattern for one tune you need to match the second tune's pattern to the same length.

A pattern is basically when some part of the music repeats itself. (it can be the bass drum, a symbol clash, the bass line or anything). You will find on drum and bass tracks that if you count to four and start over again and match your count of four to the pattern you would count around 40 -50 bars. That is 160 -180 bpm. You will also find that on each 2nd and fourth beat there will be a clean symbol/snare clash for drum and bass. Drum and bass music is basically a 4 beats per bar - 4 bars per pattern house tune but speeded up to 180 bpm (ie Happy Hardcore). By removing the bass drum every other beat and by adding in some extra snares/symbols etc... you end up with a drum and bass beat.

Similarly by removing more beats than you add you end up with a hip -hop beat. have a listen to the pattern length of hip hop tracks and take note of the snare clashes. Hip -hop is nearly identical to drum and bass with certain beats/symbols/snares removed.

Basically what I am trying to say is that it is possible to mix any two tunes together from any different genre. All you have to do is get the two tunes patterns the right length. Of course by doing this you may end up with one song up at a ridiculiously fast or slow pitch, but with the pitch enable this dosent really matter as long as it sounds good.

Once you are familiar with the patterns in drum and bass, the visuals become usefull again as you should be able to see now which beats should be beat matched. (mainly the first beat on your count of four every count). By ensuring that the first beats of your patterns are matched and continue to be matched every four bars/repetition of pattern then your mix will sound in time and match. ALWAYS MATCH THE START OF A PATTERN OF ONE TUNE TO THE START OF A PATTERN OF ANOTHER otherwise you will end up with breaks/vocals/melodies/tones all in the wrong place and the mix wil sound terrible.

Hope this has all helped

sorry its so long



If you want to here an example of what you can actually achieve with atomix drop me an email at and I will give you a link to a 52 track eclectic mix (not much d&b, but lots of different styles nevertheless)

Posted Fri 23 Jan 04 @ 1:52 am
I'm digging this whole dj community thing. Don't have enough money to buy Tech12s right now, so this virtual dj i came across by fluke is wikkked.
I was actually using the atomix, and it wasn't great at all. This program definately represents basic turntables and a mixer. I've actually gotten twenty times better at mixxing. DrumNbass is for sure the funnest, and most challenging music to learn how to spin. It's all good though. I'm lovin it. Toronto scene is just crazy right now with the DnB. Brockie and Foxy were in last night. Dunno how much you guys are all into jungle down there, but you might know Carl Collins. Owner of Hard Leaders. Me and him are doing business together right now, and it's all looking Good.
Anyways, I had a question about headphones. I need HeadPhones to make the mix happen, without listening to it from my speakers, kna'mean ? so holla back.

Posted Sun 08 Aug 04 @ 7:16 am
erxonPRO InfinityMember since 2003

Posted Wed 11 Aug 04 @ 3:17 pm
harder that anything!!

Posted Fri 15 Oct 04 @ 1:20 pm
Harder then mixing DnB would be to blend DnB into Hip Hop or Rap! Very possible yet VERY difficult since Hip Hop/Rap is 2 times slower then DnB.

Posted Wed 09 Feb 05 @ 2:21 am
eyekon1Home userMember since 2007

Posted Thu 11 Sep 08 @ 3:34 pm
Iv been mixing drum and bass for years , the only way to do it profficiently is too understand your music, which means listening to it over and over, counting the beats and breaks. Once you understand drum and bass, its one of the easiest forms to mix and you can get really creative with your crossfader work. Virtual DJ does a wonderful job for me with handling D+B :)

Posted Wed 24 Sep 08 @ 5:12 am
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