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DjFiness wrote on Sat 19 Dec 09
Just added you. Hit me up whenever. I got ??? about your PC. thx.
DJ_whiteDVL wrote on Fri 02 Oct 09
hello every one sorry I haven't been around much but just figured I'd stop by and say good bye for a few months since I'm off to tour. plane leaves tomorow morning so see you all when I get back!
DjMorpheo22 wrote on Sun 26 Apr 09
Hi, I added you on my friend's list ! ;-)

Bye ! Morpheo
TearEmUp wrote on Fri 13 Mar 09
Happy Birthday Dev...your getting
djcity wrote on Mon 09 Feb 09
Stopping by to say hi. Keep the people dancin, Keep the party rockin, Keep the money flowin in.
Haui70 wrote on Sat 07 Feb 09
OK, i understand! Take care :-)
Haui70 wrote on Thu 01 Jan 09
Hy WhiteDevil,
have good start into 2009 and best wishes.
I miss your logo to refresh the mix ;-)
Haui70 wrote on Fri 12 Dec 08
Say hello from over the ocean!
Anyhow love your style, you unterstand ;-)
djcity wrote on Wed 19 Nov 08
What's up witcha...
I'm just doing my customary "What's up witcha" to keep in touch with my fellow DJ's
Keep the people dancin...
Keep the crowd rockin...
Keep the party movin...
djcity wrote on Wed 19 Nov 08
Whats up dude
djej wrote on Wed 12 Nov 08
How you doing?
DJ FORMAT wrote on Sat 30 Aug 08
love you Dev loooool