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Topic: timecode vinyl
need DEbug SETTING in vdj 8 and better config setting for timecode vinyl to please thank u

Posted Mon 26 May 14 @ 7:20 am
any chance of getting VDJ to work with different DVS systems: Serato or Traktor
I really like VDJ but unfortunately I'm on a budget and I was able to get a Traktor scratch duo system a lot cheaper than one needed for VDJ. I didn't realize that they were not compatible

Posted Wed 22 Nov 17 @ 1:57 am
It does work with different DVS systems (if by 'system' you mean the timecode discs and an audio interface).

Of all the DJ software on the market, VDJ supports the highest number of audio interfaces, controllers and timecode.

What makes you think your audio interface and vinyl is not compatible? If your OS can recognise and use the audio interface (i.e. it has up to date drivers), then so can VDJ.

In other words, there isn't "one needed" for VDJ. VDJ's list of supported hardware is the largest in the industry.

Posted Wed 22 Nov 17 @ 9:36 pm