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Topic: Gemini CDJ 700

I'm new to the forums and was brought here after testing virtual dj with the Gemini Cdj 700's.
I would first like to start off by saying just how impressed I am of the package working so well together.
Using the HID mapping files it's working flawless at everything I'm throwing at it.
I'm Currently testing all the features before i make a purchase to ensure that this product will deliver 110%.

Specs of the machine I'm currently using to test are as follows :

My Home System

AMD Hexa Core 3.0 x6
Nvidia GTX550 Ti FSB x2 on SLI
CORSAIR Vengeance memory module 16GB 1866MHz
External Soundcard M Audio Firewire Solo
Antec 750w Power Supply

Specs of the machine I will be testing on this weekend when it arrives which will be my gigging machine are :

Model: Acer Aspire Z5610
Processor: Intel Core I2 2.9 GHZ
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4500
Hard Drive: 1 TB
Display: 23" Touch Screen
Operating System: Windows 7

What I would like to know is Will a system like this be able to deliver a good performance,?
What is the true known stability of virtual DJ ?
If i was to run midi would the system specs be enough ?
Is there a Touch Screen system for my 23 Inch available ?

Anyone who has a system like this or can answer any of these questions i would be most grateful for your response

Posted Mon 11 Nov 13 @ 6:03 am
Both systems should be more than adequate providing that you have optimised them for DJ performance:

The latest VirtualDJ v7.4 is also very stable and reliable software for the vast majority of users. Any problems are usually due to a system that has not been optimised, software/driver conflicts, bad 3rd party skins/plugins, corrupted music files, etc.

VirtualDJ v7.4 supports touch-screens, but for multi-touch support (Assuming that your touch-screen supports it), you will need to use Windows 8. Multi-touch allows you to do/move more than one thing at once, e.g: Scratch on a deck while moving the crossfader.

Posted Mon 11 Nov 13 @ 12:24 pm
The Gemini CDJ700's are simply amazing in any mode, and they work flawlessly with Virtual Dj. They have been working hard to improve their firmware to keep them up to date with just about any update from any DJ software.

I have been using them for over a year now, in all modes, and I have use them in many occasions with VDJ, and they work amazingly well.

Make sure to get the latest firmware update to be fully updated with your units.

Posted Tue 12 Nov 13 @ 12:27 pm