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Topic: Scratching and going back to cue point
I just bought a denon mc6000 controller and I want to be able to scratch a song and then hit a cue point - but there is terrible lag after I finish scratching
I have searched the forum and I have tried various settings.
Thanks in advance

Posted Fri 08 Nov 13 @ 1:22 am
it's not really possible as the playhead will always follow the jogwheel so when you release it, it will always continue at the speed of the jog. The only way to fix the issue is really to change your technique to push the jog forward when you have finished scratching then hit the cue point. or maybe you could map your jog touch to stop the track and jump the the cue when you release eg.

vinyl_mode 1 ? down ? touchwheel_touch 1 : touchwheel_touch 0 & stop & goto_cue # & play : nothing

that is not tested so I don't know if it will work, and remember to change the # to the cue number you want to fire upon release, again this is not the best solution as you can't remove your hand from the jog when scratching and you will probably still get the wind up from the jog if you are spinning the jog backwards at the end. That means you would only be able to do babies or flares.

Posted Fri 08 Nov 13 @ 2:17 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
I would try to lower the value of TouchWheelRamp too (Registry). Not sure if that helps much though. synthetic has a point about your scratch technique

Posted Fri 08 Nov 13 @ 6:50 am
Thanks for your replies - is there another controller that would allow me to do this?

Posted Fri 08 Nov 13 @ 8:34 am
nope all controllers are equal as they all use the same technology...

thinking about it just now this might work better, but it won't allow spinbacks... for the vinyl button it will enter vinyl mode as normal if you press it quickly, if you hold it for half a second then release it will enter the special vinyl mode that should allow you to press your cue button and avoid the wind up, although the jog will still speed up or slow down the track, but it should be barely noticeable.

When the special vinyl mode is active the led will blink three times a second to let you know it's active. To get out of it you can just press the button once.

vinyl mode button
holding ? toggle 'vinyl' : var 'vinyl' ? blink 333ms & set 'vinyl' 0 : vinyl_mode

jog touchpad
var 'vinyl' ? down ? vinyl_mode 1 & touchwheel_touch 1 : vinyl_mode 0 & touchwheel_touch 0 : touchwheel_touch

Posted Fri 08 Nov 13 @ 9:20 am
without any controller, can I use the virtual dj to scratch????

Posted Fri 26 Jan 18 @ 4:18 pm