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You need to upgrade as soon as possible cause the upgrade option will expire on June, 15th.

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Posted Thu 12 Jun 14 @ 1:20 am
*** Waiting approval ***

Pioneer DDJ-T1 Enhanced Controller Mapper v8.0

Mapper layout details:

Fully functional definition/mapper set for the DDJ-T1, includes the following features:
- For VirtualDj 8
- Used all bits of resolution on the jog wheels and sliders
- All panels defined and mapable
- All buttons defined and mapable
- All LED indicators defined and mapable, and yes... including the elusive Jog Ring

Here is the controller breakdown layout:
Section: BROWSER
- BROWSE KNOB: scroll up/down songs; scroll samples when in sample sideview; w/SHIFT: scroll folders
- BROWSE PUSH: browser zoom for selected skins; play/stop default sampler when in sampler sideview
- BROWSE TREE: cycle cursor focus through all displayed sideview panels (press this to get back to file scrolling); w/SHIFT: cycle through all sideview panels
- BROWSE FAV: cycle through the MIXER/VIDEO/SCRATCH/MASTER tabs; w/SHIFT: record
- BROWSE LOAD: load deck, w/HOLD: unload deck

Section: MIXER
- MIXER Ch. FX1: beat grid; w/SHIFT:backspin
- MIXER Ch. FX2: flanjet; w/SHIFT:brakestart (need to install the Flanjet effect)

Section: FX1/FX2
They have 3 modes each which can be cycled through using the CHAIN/ADV button:
- Mode 1, CHAIN LED ON, Effects panel:
- Dry/Wet Knob: Effect select
- Dry/Wet btn : Effect active
- Param1 knob : Parameter 1 knob; w/SHIFT Parameter 4 knob
- Param1 btn : Parameter 1 button; w/SHIFT Parameter 4 button
- Param2 knob : Parameter 2 knob; w/SHIFT Parameter 5 knob
- Param2 btn : Parameter 2 button; w/SHIFT Parameter 5 button
- Param3 knob : Parameter 3 knob; w/SHIFT Parameter 6 knob
- Param3 btn : Parameter 3 button; w/SHIFT Parameter 6 button
- FX_SELECT1 : censor
- FX_SELECT2 : loop roll mode
- FX_SELECT3 : enable slip mode, Param Btn indicators 1/2/3 will turn ON when effect is enabled, will BLINKFAST when actual SLIP occurs; w/SHIFT: clone to opposite deck

- Dry/Wet Knob: Sampler select
- Dry/Wet btn : Sampler active
- Param1 knob : Sampler Volume
- Param1 btn : (unassigned)
- Param2 knob : (unassigned)
- Param2 btn : when MOVE Panel in Roll mode & in an active roll loop: move loop left by factor of roll; when Move Panel in Slice mode: jump +1 beat; available only on Decks A/B ***
- Param3 knob : (unassigned)
- Param3 btn : when MOVE Panel in Roll mode & in an active roll loop: move loop right by factor of roll; when Move Panel in Slice mode: jump -1 beat; available only on Decks A/B ***
- FX_SELECT1: (unassigned)
- FX_SELECT2: (not available)
- FX_SELECT3: (not available)

- Mode 3, CHAIN & ADV LEDs ON, Video Effects panel:
- Dry/Wet Knob: Video Transition select
- Dry/Wet btn : Video Transition active
- Param1 knob : Video FX select
- Param1 btn : Video FX active
- Param2 knob : Video FX Slider
- Param2 btn : (unassigned)
- Param3 knob : (unassigned)
- Param3 btn : (unassigned)
- FX_SELECT1: (unassigned)
- FX_SELECT2: (unassigned)
- FX_SELECT3: (unassigned)

Section: Needle Search
It has 4 modes each which can be cycled through using the FUNCTION button:
- Mode 1, Function Led OFF, Roll panel:
- Pad Section 1: Roll 1/8th beat while pressed
- Pad Section 2: Roll 1/4th beat while pressed
- Pad Section 3: Roll 1/2th beat while pressed
- Pad Section 4: Roll 1 beat while pressed
- Pad Section 5: Roll 2 beat while pressed

- Mode 2, Function Led BLINK, Slice panel:
- Pad Section 1: Slice 1:4
- Pad Section 2: Slice 2:4
- Pad Section 3: Slice 3:4
- Pad Section 4: Slice 4:4
- Pad Section 5: jump 1 Bar back

- Mode 3, Function Led BLINKFAST, Video Transition panel:
- Pad Section 1: activate ALPHA transition
- Pad Section 2: activate FADE transition
- Pad Section 3: activate FLIP transition
- Pad Section 4: activate SATELLITE transition
- Pad Section 5: activate SLIDE transition

- Mode 4, Function Led ON, Video FX panel:
- Pad Section 1: activate BOOM AUTO effect
- Pad Section 2: activate CAMERA effect
- Pad Section 3: activate CLIPBANK effect
- Pad Section 4: activate NEGATIVE effect
- Pad Section 5: activate SLIDESHOW effect
- Regardless of NS Pad mode when SHIFT is pressed, Function indicator blinks @ 200ms & the pad enters into Needle Search/SongPos mode.

Section: HotCUE panel
Press the HotCUE/MOVE button to select HOTCUE:
- Buttons 1-4: set/recall HOTCUE, w/SHIFT:set/recall HOTCUEs 5-8
- DELETE + HC1-4: delete HOTCUEs, w/SHIFT + DEL + HC: to delete HOTCUEs 5-8

Section: MOVE panel
Press the HotCUE/MOVE button to select MOVE:
It has 4 modes which can be cycled through using MOVE MODE button:
- Mode 1, MODE Led OFF, Sampler panel:
- Size Decrease: Play Sampler Slot 1, w/SHIFT: Slot 5
- Size Increase: Play Sampler Slot 2, w/SHIFT: Slot 6
- Backward : Play Sampler Slot 3, w/SHIFT: Slot 7
- Forward : Play Sampler Slot 4, w/SHIFT: Slot 8

- Mode 2, MODE Led BLINK, (unassigned) panel:
- Size Decrease: (unassigned)
- Size Increase: (unassigned)
- Backward : (unassigned)
- Forward : (unassigned)

- Mode 3, MODE Led BLINKFAST, Roll panel:
- Size Decrease: Loop Roll 1/8th beat
- Size Increase: Loop Roll 1/4th beat
- Backward : Loop Roll 1/2th beat
- Forward : Loop Roll 1 beat
*** see FX1/FX2 for additional controls while in this mode

- Mode 4, MODE Led ON, Slice panel:
- Size Decrease: Slice 1:4
- Size Increase: Slice 2:4
- Backward : Slice 3:4
- Forward : Slice 4:4
*** see FX1/FX2 for additional controls while in this mode

Section: Deck Controls
- ACTIVE: make current deck the foreground/active leftdeck/rightdeck on skin, the ACTIVE indicator will lit when true; w/SHIFT: swaps DeckXa/DeckXb/DeckXc pannels for skins that support it.
- Loop IN : w/SHIFT: move loop -1; w/SHIFT + HOLD: toggle smart_loop (when SHIFT is pressed this indicator will lit when smart_loop is enabled)
- Loop OUT: w/SHIFT: move loop +1
- AutoLoop knob: adjust loop lenght; w/SHIFT: manual adjust of CBG phase
- AutoLoop push: auto loop; w/SHIFT: reloop
- Filter knob: Filter knob; w/SHIFT Key knob
- Filter btn : Filter activate; w/SHIFT Key reset
- Key Lock: Tempo Key Lock; w/SHIFT: adjust CBG in 1 beat steps
- Tempo Range: cycle through preset pitch values; w/SHIFT: toggle vinyl/cd mode (when SHIFT is pressed the ACTIVE button indicator will lit when VINYL mode is enabled)
- Jog Wheel: w/SHIFT: Jog Wheel track search mode
- "Shift + CUE + HOLD" - Toggle PROTECTED CUE mode (this is a global mode, when SHIFT is pressed all PFL/CUE indicators will lit when PROTECTED CUE is enabled)
- "Shift + PLAY + HOLD" - Go to beginning of track & stop
- "Shift + CUE" - Toggles SMART CUE ON/OFF (when SHIFT is pressed the CUE indicator will lit when smart_cue is ON)
- "Shift + PLAY" - Toggles SMART PLAY ON/OFF (when SHIFT is pressed the PLAY/PAUSE indicator will lit when smart_play is ON)

Additional notes:
- I was not able to make the controller report the "Change of Decks" state, as a workaround I assigned the ACTIVE button to perform the foreground leftdeck/rightdeck function. Not an issue for skins that show all 4 decks in full or skins that are 2 decks only.
- Works with the standard 2/2-4 swap/4 deck skins and with DN-MC6000 Pro+ v8
- BROWSER ZOOM works with DN-MC6000 Pro+ v8 and most of DJDAD's v8 skins
- You will need to install FlanJet (TexZK) effects to use the premapped buttons assigned to them.

*** IMPORTANT***: If you have other DDJ-T1 defs/mappers installed, you must remove those before installing this mapper set, otherwise you might get unexpected controller behaviour.
Just run the downloaded package, it should automatically put the definition file in the DEVICES folder and the mapper file in the MAPPERS folder. If successful, you will see:
"Pioneer DDJ-T1 by Zacek100 v8.x" in CONFIG/MAPPERS screen.

Posted Tue 15 Jul 14 @ 5:16 am

Posted Fri 18 Jul 14 @ 11:16 pm
You cannot access the link because the mapper has not been approved yet.

Let me look into the headphone issue....

Posted Sat 19 Jul 14 @ 1:30 am
The headphones work as they should. You probably have the incorrect setup in config. Make sure
MASTER is on DDJ-T1 Master L/R
Headphones is on DDJ-1 Phones L/R
Microphone is on DDJ-T1 AUX/MIC
using the ASIO driver for all 3 options.

Microphone works as well although the incoming signal is very weak, even at max. I am not sure is there is a MIC boost in the options.

Posted Sun 20 Jul 14 @ 3:04 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Its now available.

Posted Sun 20 Jul 14 @ 3:20 am
Thanks zacek100 for headphones tip. Will check out the V8.0 mapping for the DDJ-T1 as well now that it's available.

Posted Sun 20 Jul 14 @ 5:01 am
did anyone figure out the scratch touch led and the led in the jog wheel? I remapped the rest but hit a few things.

Posted Thu 31 Jul 14 @ 9:13 pm
This mapper should have all LEDs functional. It is available for v7 and v8

Posted Fri 01 Aug 14 @ 4:35 pm
why not download Pioneer DDJ-T1 Enhanced Controller Mapper v1.2 , i am from albania :)

Posted Sat 08 Nov 14 @ 2:26 pm
hi. the mapper isnt working for me. it says...XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: file:///C:/Users/Pitchcontrol/Documents/VirtualDJ/Mappers/Pioneer%20DDJ-T1%20mapping%20v8.0.xml
Line Number 4, Column 45: <map value="SELECT_L" action="select & leftdeck" />

Posted Mon 10 Nov 14 @ 6:54 pm
If you're double clicking the XML file then yes, you will get parse errors since Internet Explorer cannot parse the file correctly.
That doesn't mean the mapper does not work though... It's a technical issue about how Internet Explorer tries to parse the file.

Posted Tue 11 Nov 14 @ 4:33 am
the jog ring does not move like it should. I have it set up and have been able to scratch by just watching the location of the red ring. I would love to see how to map it to reflect the needle location on the skin.

Posted Tue 18 Nov 14 @ 11:51 pm

Posted Sat 19 Sep 15 @ 11:55 pm
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