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Crop parts? You'll have to give a better explanation.

If you are talking about editing parts out, then you'll need to use audio editing software (e.g. Audacity).

Posted Sat 29 Mar 14 @ 8:09 pm
Hello.. yes i have a song i need to edit parts of it like them crop them completely out of the song.. can you help me please.. i tried audacity i didnt know how to do it.. would you be able to help me do it ?

thank you so much

Posted Sat 29 Mar 14 @ 9:33 pm
nourshaban1 wrote :
i didnt know how to do it

There are many video tutorials on Youtube which show you how to edit using Audacity.

Posted Sun 30 Mar 14 @ 7:53 am
EMAIL... [removed]

Posted Thu 17 Apr 14 @ 6:16 pm
Sorry, posting E-mail addresses and other contact details is not permitted for unlicensed users. Advertising/soliciting on the VirtualDJ forums is also not permitted.

Please also do not hijack topics - Your post has absolutely nothing to do with a beginner's guide to using VirtualDJ.

Please read the forum rules.

Posted Thu 17 Apr 14 @ 7:21 pm
How to enable "Beatlock" function in Virtual DJ LE, the lock gets highlighted till I have the cursor on it however it doesn't become "orange" in colour- in short it doesnt get activated. I'm using it on a Mac and directly from the computer. Can someone please help..?

Posted Sat 21 Jun 14 @ 1:26 pm
how to mix guys i don no!! can anybody teach me

Posted Sat 16 Aug 14 @ 8:46 pm
So I use vdj for karaoke and playing videos and at my shows I'd like to show a picture of my karaoke company logo after the video is done
how do I do that

Posted Thu 11 Sep 14 @ 8:29 am
Hi I'm a new Dj just got started and just downloaded the Virtual dj 8 program so can anyone give me some tips to mix. That would be great

Posted Sun 28 Sep 14 @ 6:53 am
Please see the two sticky topics (icons with stars) at the top of this forum area (Mix Lessons).

Posted Sun 28 Sep 14 @ 7:07 am
We are sequence dancers and MCs we would like to play 2 songs without returning to the equipment. Is this possible?

Posted Mon 29 Sep 14 @ 4:50 pm
Two songs at the same time, or one after the other?

Posted Mon 29 Sep 14 @ 5:02 pm
LubjayHome userMember since 2014
pls l need the foundamentals and basics on djing am new and much interested.

Posted Sun 23 Nov 14 @ 1:18 am
grease711 wrote :
I think I'm getting the hang of it overall i've been experimenting and I shared my first couple mixes with freinds and family. I'm improving ,but there's a voice in the back the of my head that says "You're doing a good job,but you could be better. Maybe when I feel more confident I'll dj a little in second Life.

If you're an avatar look around for Grease Coakes I might be djing soon maybe in the next few days to a week.

I did a little radio work back in the early 90s. Nothing to write home about. I've also been in Second Life for 5 years now. I just got my first dj job in sl this week. Hadn't really done any dj work sense my radio days and had just played around with vdj a bit. Best advise I can offer is just jump in with both feet and DO IT! Nothing like a baptism by fire. Look for Lukes Lionheart working at "The Fire Escape".

Posted Wed 24 Dec 14 @ 4:57 pm
IM still on learning soo .. i want to ask something
CAN i hve some song suggestion for my mix ?pleaseeeee brcause im still a beginner on this

Posted Tue 03 Feb 15 @ 7:13 am
How do you keep the beat of the song and fade the music?

Posted Sat 22 Aug 15 @ 10:36 pm

Posted Mon 24 Aug 15 @ 2:45 pm
Hello everyone. I will be starting to DJ again myself and I was wondering if there's any kind of filter on the software that cleans up any songs that have explicit lyrics ect in them or will I need to just search around a lot to get all clean version of the songs I have. Also, can I load all of my music from my Spodify account onto the VirtualDJ software to have in my files as well?

Once I get everything up and running hopefully I won't bombard you all with too many questions. Ha

Posted Mon 19 Oct 15 @ 3:10 pm
Start by reading the manual!

Info on the Track Cleaner is on page 68.

No, you can't play Spotify files. They're protected by DRM. Atomix offers the Content Unlimited service to anyone wishing to rent music.

Posted Mon 19 Oct 15 @ 5:10 pm
like most of said on many forum topics, we all start somewhere, I'm an old school dj from the days of vinyl, moved up to cd's but prefer my vinyl when I can, I don't do much djing anymore just a party every now n then. My niece is getting married and thinking about using virtual dj to have a more up to date selection of music and karaoke. I'm buying a new Mac Lap top, I do have a Numark mixer DXM06series 24bit. What do I need to get started, not sure how to hook up amp to laptop. Please help.

Posted Thu 12 Nov 15 @ 5:57 pm