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Topic: VDJ 8 license and Itunes

If I buy the Virtual DJ Pro version 7, does my licence work with version 8 when it gets out?

And another thing, is there any improvements on the connection to Itunes library? I am thinking if the Itunes rating will be seen in VDJ.

Thank you in advance

Best Regards

Posted Mon 24 Sep 12 @ 3:59 am
Thank you.

Posted Mon 24 Sep 12 @ 5:59 am
The Purchase of VDJ Professional Software, the key you register also works on future upgrades that VDJ makes and you're covered. So far with VDJ 7 Professional, I personally had no problems or issues with ITUNES music files..It's a great software product and I recommend it to all DJ's.

Please note: future upgrades to software only applies to Legal Purchases of the product, and does not cover software that is "hacked" or was previously owned and sold to another person to which the guidelines are explained in the software's End User License Agreement.

Sincerely yours,
Jeff Pino

Posted Tue 25 Sep 12 @ 7:31 pm