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Topic: Denon DN-MC 6000 firmware update
dizattPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Trying to update my new denon 6000 and when I click on the DDJ updater it asks what program I would like to use to open it. Any ideas what I should use?



Posted Tue 17 Jul 12 @ 6:20 am
It's all on the instructions provided by DENON. You need to have Java installed on your PC...

Posted Tue 17 Jul 12 @ 6:40 am

Posted Tue 17 Jul 12 @ 6:41 am
dizattPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I have java installed. I have updated and used an older version also. Everytime i click on the file it asks what would I like to use. Checked my internet option to ensure java is enabled. any other ideas?


Posted Tue 17 Jul 12 @ 9:52 am
What exactly is the file name?

Do you not have to click and drag it on to the Denon updater app instead of clicking it?


Posted Tue 17 Jul 12 @ 10:10 am
dizattPRO InfinityMember since 2010

Do I need the updater seperate? If so where can I get it


Posted Tue 17 Jul 12 @ 10:44 am
Typically JAR files will start with Java.
When you double-click the file and Windows asks what application they should use to run the file, just select the Java Executable.
It seems that something messed with your file extension associations on your system...

Posted Tue 17 Jul 12 @ 11:34 am
With regard to the mc6000 I'm hoping they make a mk2 to complement Vdj 8

Posted Tue 17 Jul 12 @ 1:37 pm
Why, the current one is perfect!


Posted Tue 17 Jul 12 @ 2:16 pm
Almost perfect. I have one and wish it had read-outs like the DMC2, push to kill knobs, usb ports for media or usb lights.

Posted Tue 17 Jul 12 @ 7:59 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

I love it, still there's a list of things I'd like in a MK2 edition and one of them is ASIO audio in VDJ, maybe V8 will address that.

Posted Wed 18 Jul 12 @ 11:02 am
Yeah well they wont ask you they'll just make a new version with all your wishes missing lol.

Posted Wed 18 Jul 12 @ 12:03 pm
Hello guys how can I update my vdj firmware please help where can I get the file?

Posted Wed 16 Oct 13 @ 2:00 pm
There are no firmware updates for VDJ. If you want a firmware update for the Denon MC6000, go to here.

Posted Wed 16 Oct 13 @ 2:23 pm
I am using Windows 10 and have installed Java and for whatever reason I double click on the .jar file and it opens a black window and goes away really fast. Any ideas as to why this is going on? I don't have sound coming out of my Denon MC6000 but everything else looks to be working fine.

Please assist.

Thank you,

Posted Mon 20 Nov 17 @ 3:04 am
@ eldulce33, let me point you in the right direction. First, this thread is 4 years old, please don't open old threads, as per our forum guidelines. Pleas start a new thread, as your issue is not directly related to this subject. I own this controller and remember having some problems in the beginning. Please read the directions carefully that came with the controller. Just a note that Edge does not support Java, you will have to use IE. You may want to start over again, with a fresh install of Java, and also take a look here, for configuration options. Don't forget to start a new thread. Thank you and good luck.

Locked by AMAHM as dated.

Posted Tue 21 Nov 17 @ 6:15 pm