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Topic: How to setup to lower music volume automatically when someone starts talking on mic!! Is it possible??
Yes i was wondering if there any software or a plug-in out there that i need to use or setup to automatically lower music volume when i make an announcement over the mic i am currently is a mac with a vms4 but using an external mixer on side of it to use my wireless mic system, because when i use the mic with vms4 doesnt sound as good as with the external mixer, but is there a software out there or some kind of programming i can do to make this work? because if im constantly trying to raise and lower volume while talking can get annoying thanks again!!

Posted Sun 27 May 12 @ 4:18 pm
That sounds nice, an input detection plugin is required.
It's strange that I did not find something like this. People only wanna have effects and stuff.
Shure will be nice to have something like that built into the software itself. An option...

Posted Sun 27 May 12 @ 4:27 pm
Try mapping a button on your keyboard with something like
"down ? master_volume 50% : master_volume 100%"
Now all you have to do is press the key down and the volume will be cut in half and once you let go the volume goes back to 100%. Then you dont even have to mess with your sliders.

Hope that helps

Posted Sun 27 May 12 @ 4:29 pm
This is a great idea.

Posted Sun 27 May 12 @ 4:49 pm
I somehow feel that's not the solution he seeks.

If all fails, remember. Hardware can do it!

Posted Sun 27 May 12 @ 5:07 pm
snake_systems wrote :
I somehow feel that's not the solution he seeks.

If all fails, remember. Hardware can do it!

Obviously it's not the exact solution he asked for but it does stop him from touching his volume fades which seems to be what he's trying not to my solution works, Enjoy cause you know your gonna try if you haven't already.......

Have a great day

Posted Sun 27 May 12 @ 5:32 pm
TearEmUpPRO InfinitySenior ModeratorMember since 2006
What you are asking about is called "talkover". A lot of higher end mixers already have this feature....

Posted Sun 27 May 12 @ 5:43 pm
i did a short search for a talk over plug in and all i got was a plug in for win-amp .........

talk-over is also called ducking (has to do with forcing the music volume to "duck"

under the microphone) some mixers have it built in

you can set up your own talk over with a compressor and a mixer , i've done it, it's easy

Posted Thu 31 May 12 @ 11:44 am
Or you can just map a button with,

"down ? master_volume 50% : master_volume 100%"

And call it a day..........

Just saying

Posted Thu 31 May 12 @ 12:02 pm