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Topic: Drum Loops in Sampler

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I moved to VDJ from Traktor a few months ago and have yet to figure out how to get drum loops exactly in time in the Sampler. Obviously you should be able to load any sample in (that's the appropriate length and has a beatgrid) and have it stay in time. However, I cannot seem to make that work. I saw mention on these forums of having to load something into a deck, set a loop and then record it into the sampler (which makes little sense, but I tried it) and no matter what I do I cannot get the drumloop to play exactly in time. I can play it over itself (just after I record it into a sampler slot) and it will still flam. Obviously this won't fly for live performance and I rely on having a few different drum loops.

Can anyone point to a decent tutorial or point out when I might be going wrong from my description above?


Posted Thu 24 May 12 @ 2:54 pm
I know, the sampler sucks for this type of thing!

Unfortunately the only way at present is to do as you said - load it into a deck, which creates a CBG (computer beat grid) that 'teaches' VDJ what the BPM is.

This really comes from the sampler being there as a means of recording clips from the decks, instead of being a true sampler which can load external sounds.

Lots of users have been asking (for a long time) for improvements to the sampler.

There may be improvements in VDJ 8, but we won't know until it gets here.


Posted Thu 24 May 12 @ 3:25 pm
Cool, thanks!

Posted Thu 24 May 12 @ 5:18 pm
I use a lot of drumloops, 'hooks', and acapella stuff to spice my sets.
Instead of using time for manual beatmatching I just play and have fun.
So I agree, it must be reliable. Otherwise it will be a nightmare when sync is lost...

Some startup things:
* I prepare most loops at home, not at the gig.
* Please check sampler options (rightclick): Loop, Match Pitch, Beatlock, Sync On > Beat, Autoplay (not needed for this).
* Find a reference tune with perfect Beatgrid. I use a simple 4-to-the-floor house track intro (Beat, Snare, simple hihat)

For me it works this way:
1. Load the reference at deck 1 and put it in 8 beat loop.
2. Load the stuff to be sampled to deck 2 (acapella, drumbeat, etc)
3. Set Deck 1 to master, and press SYNC at Deck 2. Now you hear exactly how the sample will sync.
4a. If sync sounds good proceed to step 5
4b. If sync sounds weird, adjust Beatgrid at Deck 2. Re-set the loop. Repeat until satisfied.
5. Fine-tune the loop (begin/end marks). Mind the Downbeat (First beat < 1 >-2-3-4), if your sampleloop starts close to the 2nd beat it will most likely sync sampleloop beat 2 to masterderck beat 1. Like getting the sample snare on the masterdeck kickdrum.
6. Bring up sampler and press REC on an slot.
7. Stop Deck 2 and try your sample towards yor reference track running in Deck 1.

There is no problem doing the same live, BUT if your reference is wrong your sample will always be out of sync (I have not found any solution to adjust Beatgrid on an already saved sample.)

I think the sampler functionallity between VDJ and Traktor is quite different. Traktor used fixed sample-lenghts (4 beats, 8 beats etc), while VDJ syncs by beatgrid. I really like the Traktor way because it's simple, but I think my premade VDJ loops sounds better.
How much I even tried with Traktor, it always starts the sample at Downbeat.
The old sample 'Put your hands up in the air' might explain. 'Hands' is on downbeat so Traktor starts with "Hands...',
while VDJ can start from any point 'Put your hands...' and still keep track of the downbeat and sync.

I guarantee the audience go wild when they suddely get a classic rock-riff, Michael Jackson bassline or the Calabria saxsound where they least expect it.
If you don't add something as a DJ, you might be replaced by iTunes...

Posted Fri 25 May 12 @ 3:10 pm
This worked out great...thanks for the tip!

Posted Mon 28 May 12 @ 2:39 pm

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