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Topic: Can I Give My Virtual DJ Away

My question is can i give my virtul dj account to me brother if i take no money from him.

I no longer use virtual dj, but everytime my brother comes round to my house he always wants to play on my decks.

So he has been saving for a while to buy some stuff but he only works part time so i have decided to let him buy my pioneer ergo for £200 (thats what he has saved so far).

So could i just give him my whole virtual dj account so that he can then use my pro version that i purchased.

If this is not allowed is it possible to somehow remove the pioneer ergo le edition from my account so then he can register his own account and then get the discount for upgrading from le to pro.


Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 6:54 am
TearEmUpPRO InfinitySenior ModeratorMember since 2006

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 6:57 am
Ok thanks for the quick response.

Is it possible then to have the pioneer ergo virtual dj le removed from my account so that he can the register the copy of virtual dj le that came with the ergo to his own virtual dj account.


Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 7:06 am
That's still a no - because it's been registered.

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 7:31 am
So basically he cant even use the Virtual dj le installation Disc that came with the pioneer ergo.

He has got to purchase software for himself to use the ergo.

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 7:36 am
If you give him the original LE CD then he can install and use VirtualDJ LE from it. Installation from the original CD is permitted for LE versions, but he won't be able to register it or obtain registered user benefits. However, if you never used the upgrade discount then he can still use this to upgrade to the full Pro at a discount if he wishes:

Your full VirtualDJ Pro cannot be sold, transferred or given away. Doing so is a violation of the End User License Agreement. Your user account is also for your own use only and you must not disclose it to any other user or allow them to access it. If you fail to keep your account secure then it will be locked.

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 8:12 am
Support staff wrote :
if you never used the upgrade discount then he can still use this to upgrade to the full Pro at a discount if he wishes:


But seeing as the LE serial number has already been registered to Rob, if his brother uses that number to get a discounted VDJ Pro Full, then that VDJ Pro Full will be registered to Rob, not his brother - won't it?

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 3:22 pm
I think it would register to the original owner (he will get the discount alright but not registered to him).

This why i don't registered any hardware I purchased that comes with the LE because I know one day, I want to sell the hardware and can provide them with the LE and option to upgrade and register to new owner.

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 5:53 pm
SBDJPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2006
An upgrade from LE to Pro can be used against any user, it is not tied to the user the LE is registered to.

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 9:27 pm
lemme get this straight if I bought a Numark MTP .... came with le ... from a private ownere not sure if pro license paid for on the MTP ( i also have a Hercules mk4 which hasnt gonme pro either. Is there anyway the numbers could be checked for the MTP if pro discount was ever used and license with MY info but under previous owners name? Or just go pro with the Hercules numbers ?

Posted Thu 22 Mar 12 @ 7:37 pm
If you go to pick it up get them to check online before you leave... or ask them to do it for you before posting it...

Posted Thu 22 Mar 12 @ 7:42 pm