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Topic: VMS4 Video Mixing
Hello all,

I cant video mix... The video is extremely choppy.

I tried everything from...

1. Updating all the drivers
2. Changing the power setting on to high performance (which did make a difference to the complete machine but not virtual DJ)
3. Going into Intel Video Card Control Panel and changing all to high performance
4. Manually changing the reg Max Video (I cant download the reg hack.. since I don't have 7 pro.. BUT I NEED IT)

I noticed that I dont have the memory leak like alot of people are having but my video is extremely chopy horribly chopy.

The funny thing is that I have tried it on a mac and it works perfect. I also tried it on (I kid you not) 5 different PC's and laptops and still the same thing. I also thought it was the LE version but its not. I downloaded the FREE Virtual DJ software and its the same thing. (of course after doing all of the above).. I have also used a friends controller that he paid for and upgraded to Virtual DJ CUE and he uses a MAC and when I installed it to a brand new re-imaged upgraded drivers it still didn't work..

Im not sure but Is it just me that I cant get to play videos? I use .mp4s and the vids are about 100mb 5 minute videos.

here are my current spects for my current machine.

Processor Options Intel® CoreTM i3 processors
Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Professional X64 Bit
Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate
Memory6 DDR3 SDRAM (1333 MHz) 2 slots supporting 1G11, 4GB DIMMs
Chipset Mobile Intel® HM65 Express Chipset
Graphics7 Intel® HD Graphics 3000

Here is the complete Specs

Any help I would really appreciate it since I been having this issue for the past 1yr ( I KID YOU NOT)

Posted Tue 14 Feb 12 @ 2:58 pm
eastoncPRO InfinityMember since 2009
I feel your pain. All of my videos are about 30MB which i find to be a lot smoother than the higher res vids. Since I adjust my video output for the video monitor to nothing bigger than 1440x900 it seems to be fine. I'm on a Dell Latitude E6500 Core2 Duo 2.53GHz 64bit Win7 with 4GB memory and running VDJ7 Pro.

I think we'll have to break down and buy a Mac!

Posted Thu 16 Feb 12 @ 1:23 pm

Whats funny is that serato SL right out the box i was able to video video dj NO PROBLEMS no glitches.. I love Virtual DJ been using it back in the days and know how to use it. But I think I need to switch....I even paid the monthly fee to virtual dj (to get music) thinking some one will help but it seems that they still havent solved it....any one out there? I don't want to start carrying turntables!!!

Posted Thu 16 Feb 12 @ 1:43 pm
Hi , i also had those problems recently , i am working with 4 decks video and when i checked the hardware acceleration on virtual dj it gave me problems on video output , videos started to flick to a color (mine was rose or white) , i will never understand Virtual dj Software , i upgraded to an 1G video card and gave me that issue then i used one old card i buy sometime ago the MSI RX2600 PRO 256M!!!! , even working with 720p video it works perfectly , no issues at all .
My point of view is that virtual dj is not prepared to work with good video cards lol .
My setup is not a laptop , i use mini itx boxes on my systems so i can upgrade them anytime and avoid heat problems like laptops have (using 4 videos) .
If you are using laptop then try to use the original laptop drivers , and then if not works then upgrade them from version to version until you have your problem solved .
Also try to use vdj registry tool and setup memory to 0 (one time worked for me on 1G graphic card "but not for long time") .
Virtual DJ 8 is almost there and i really hope they solve all these issues in software and give a big discount upgrade to us all that are having these problems .
I also loved that in vdj 8 that they tell us witch graphic cards (brands and models) they advice us to use with their software .

Good luck my friend .

Posted Sun 26 Feb 12 @ 5:17 pm
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