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Limited edition user
Posted Tue 14 Feb 12 @ 5:29 am
Ok, so I am fairly new to DJ-ing, and I bought a mixtrack pro. I installed virtual dj le, which came with the mixtrack pro and it ran fine. But when I plug in my mixtrack, virtual dj doesnt respond to it. Its like my mixtrack is not connected to virtual dj. I went into config and looked at the mapping, and it showed no connected controller. I have updated virtual dj to the latest, and still the same problem. please help!


Limited edition user
Posted Tue 14 Feb 12 @ 5:30 am
but in the soundcard section, in audio (config), numark appears


Atomix Productions
Support & Radio Staff
Posted Tue 14 Feb 12 @ 5:37 am

you only can use a controller with the controller provided VDJ LE version.
So if you like to use your Mixtrack with the VDJ LE, which is provided with the Mixtrack PRO, it will not work!

VDJ LE (Mixtrack) -> Numark Mixdeck
VDJ LE (Mixtrack Pro) - Numark Mixtrack Pro

Only the Pro Full will be able to work with every native supported controller.

In case you want to upgrade to Pro Full, just insert your VDJ LE serial at >> Upgrade to VirtualDJ Pro Full << and press continue.


Limited edition user
Posted Tue 14 Feb 12 @ 5:42 am
ok just to clarify, I need virtual dj pro, for my mixtrack pro controller to work? thanks for the quick reply


Limited edition user
Posted Tue 14 Feb 12 @ 5:50 am
and also on the manual it says, to start using mixtrack pro, just plug it into your computer, and turn on virtual dj le. but its not working for me


Limited edition user
Posted Tue 14 Feb 12 @ 7:45 am
Ok i tried it on windows via bootcamp, and it worked fine. but for some reason it wont work when im running mac os x. any help?
Posted Tue 14 Feb 12 @ 8:35 am
No, you don't need VirtualDJ Pro for MixTrack Pro to work with VirtualDJ LE for MixTrack Pro (Although you may wish to upgrade at a discount to gain access to all the extra features that the full software gives you - Please see: )

Make sure that you have installed the latest VirtualDJ LE for MixTrack Pro from the Download Center:

Then go to Applications and make sure that you click on the correct VirtualDJ icon to open it. if you have another version such as Home FREE or another LE version that came with a different controller, then this will not work.

If this doesn't help, try performing a clean re-installation of the software:


Limited edition user
Posted Tue 14 Feb 12 @ 5:00 pm
Bought a mixtrack pro installed the software but I keep getting an error message saying that the controller is not detected. Any help ?

Running it on a Mac desktop


Limited edition user
Posted Wed 15 Feb 12 @ 12:17 am
I have done a clean re-install and I am still getting the same problem. I dont understand why it works with windows, but not with my mac. Can anyone give me a solution to my problem?


Limited edition user
Posted Wed 15 Feb 12 @ 1:28 am
oh and i tried on my dads mac and it worked fine, so i guess its jsut my computer wwhich is having the problem? any help?
Posted Wed 15 Feb 12 @ 4:44 am
Your best option would be to contact support via the live chat facility:

Support staff can connect to your computer (With your permission) and look at the problem directly.


Limited edition user
Posted Thu 22 Mar 12 @ 10:01 pm
Im having the same problem with my am4252 digitech, it just stopped working!
Posted Fri 23 Mar 12 @ 7:10 am
Please don't open multiple posts on the same subject.

Also, please don't hijack topics by posting a message that is not related in any way. This topic is about the Numark MixTrack Pro, not the AM4252 Digitech.

You already have an open topic in the hardware technical support forum. Please continue all further discussion on this subject in your existing topic:


No license user
Posted Thu 13 Sep 12 @ 6:33 pm
I bought a mixtrack pro, it came with serato program (so plain compared to virtual dj home/le)
I have both virtual dj LE/HOME on my macbook, but for some reason its not compatible, but I was told that the mixtrack pro is compatible...
Please help, getting frustrated here....


Professional edition user
Posted Fri 14 Sep 12 @ 1:45 am
Your controller will only work with the specific LE software it came with. If you have LE from a seperate controller it will not work with the Mixtrack Pro. The Home edition of VDJ does not support midi controllers at all as it is designed for mouse/keyboard use.

Assuming your Mixtrack Pro never came with VirtualDJ in the box then you will need VirtualDJ Pro to support it.

Posted Fri 14 Sep 12 @ 5:30 am
If you still have another product that came with VirtualDJ LE included (E.g: Hercules DJConsole) then you can upgrade to the full Pro at a discount by going to and entering the VirtualDJ LE serial number in the box provided (Assuming that it's not second hand and/or the discount has not already been used.)

Otherwise as above, you will need to purchase the full VirtualDJ Professional to be able to use your MixTrack with VirtualDJ.


Professional edition user
Posted Fri 12 Jul 13 @ 10:22 pm
Hello, my Virtual dj le mixtrack pro keeps showing the red cue BUTTON FLASHING settings when i set it up to my numark mixtrack pro. How do i fix this?


Limited edition user
Posted Fri 26 Jul 13 @ 11:14 am
just bought a numark mixtrack pro and it came with sorento but I already had VDJ home edition and my mixtrack pro wont connect with either of them, don't know if this usually happens or if I just got a bad egg please help


Limited edition user
Posted Fri 26 Jul 13 @ 11:34 am
the reason I cant download the disc that came with the controller is I don't have a disc drive
Posted Fri 26 Jul 13 @ 12:26 pm
VirtualDJ Home Edition doesn't support using MIDI controllers.

If the MixTrack Pro didn't come with VirtualDJ LE included, then you will need to purchase the full VirtualDJ Professional to be able to use it with VirtualDJ. You can try it out for 10 minutes at a time before purchasing by downloading the latest VirtualDJ Home FREE.

Otherwise, simply register your VirtualDJ LE serial number to your account and you can download VirtualDJ LE from the Download Center.

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