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I drag music to the drop slots and nothing will play. At first songs would now they won't. I have a numark total control mixer mapped to it...if i hit play on the mixer it also hits play on the virtual dj program and that also wont let it play. I have virtual dj 5.2 for mac and i have snow leapoard. thanks

Posted Sat 11 Feb 12 @ 3:24 pm
Okay so I changed the output to headphones and soundcard and now it works. However how come only the left side music slot plays when i hit the right sides PFL switch? If i hit the right sides PFL switch it wont play either side. How do I make it so both PFL switches are on so I can sync the transitions?

Posted Sat 11 Feb 12 @ 4:02 pm

Posted Sat 11 Feb 12 @ 8:59 pm
Haui70PRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2008
What kind of soundcard do you use?

Posted Sun 12 Feb 12 @ 8:41 am
I have a numark DJ iO. Usually 25-50% of the time I turn on Virtual Dj my song won't play. I end up having to restart the program and my computer a couple times. One thing I can tell you is when i hit 'play' on my controller, the 'play' button in VDJ gets actived too...so why won't it play? Thank you!

P.S - I use a total control. Although I know the reason for it sometimes not playing the live song has to do with the VDJ program itself.

Posted Thu 01 Mar 12 @ 10:43 am
Lol...I think I discovered why. When I have itunes open, and I'm messing around with the playlist in VDJ too, it won't let me play songs in that playlist. I'm not positive if this is why...but when I closed itunes it started playing music in VDJ again. If anyone has any other input that'd be nice..thanks.

Posted Thu 01 Mar 12 @ 10:48 am
I can't check this (don't use iTunes), but it could be that iTunes holds exclusive rights to your soundcard as long as it's running, which means it doesn't allow any other program to use the soundcard.

Posted Thu 01 Mar 12 @ 2:35 pm
when i click itunes on the left and then music none of my music comes up so i cannot drag it to play it.

Posted Wed 25 Dec 13 @ 12:24 pm

Posted Wed 25 Dec 13 @ 2:10 pm
Song that will play in vdj 7. Will not play in vdj 8 .

Posted Thu 04 Dec 14 @ 1:58 am
when I play two songs on two decks songs doesn't play correctly and when I press the "Rec" button ,the virtual dj window closes and after few seconds again virtual dj window opens.help me to fix this problem.

Posted Sat 20 Dec 14 @ 12:55 am
it stops on 30secs ////y is it so?

Posted Sun 01 Feb 15 @ 7:18 am
my virtual dj wont search songs and play them

Posted Sun 28 Jun 15 @ 3:17 pm
You're gonna have to give way more detail/information than that in order for anyone to be able to help you.

Posted Mon 29 Jun 15 @ 1:21 pm
whenever i try to use virtual dj 7 on my macbook it will not play music. my volume is all the way up, it lets me move sliders and press buttons but won't play a single song i import on either deck. I'm just messing around on my computer trying to make some mashups but i can't because no music plays and every time i push play a small message in the bottom right corner pops up with "error on deck1" or "error on deck 2". please help

Posted Sun 13 Sep 15 @ 12:54 am
Usually the cause of tracks not playing is either:

Incorrect sound setup - VDJ cannot find a suitable audio interface to play through, so doesn't play.

The tracks you're trying to play have been moved or renamed, compared to the VDJ database.

Please ensure that the audio interface you wish to use is connected, and that any file moving/renaming is done in VDJ, not outside VDJ.

Posted Tue 15 Sep 15 @ 12:11 pm
Trying to set up virtual dj for Christmas present! Full song is not playing from iTunes. Only playing 20 seconds and ask after program runs for 10 mins I have to wait a while to use it again. I have no clue what's going on. Please help

Posted Sun 25 Dec 16 @ 4:50 am
Merry Christmas to you!

First, start by reading the manual. It's installed in the Virtual DJ folder, or is also available here via the support/help link above.

Song previews on iTunes will not become fully playable because you have VDJ installed. You have to purchase the music.

Also, rented music from the Apple Music service will not play in VDJ because it is DRM protected.

If you are using a controller with VDJ then you need to do two things:
1) Register VDJ to your account here.
2) Log in to VDJ using your forum name and password. If you have registered VDJ here, then your controller will be fully enabled.

I'm assuming you're using VDJ 8. If you're using 7 (as you posted here) then simply use the serial number supplied.

Posted Sun 25 Dec 16 @ 11:35 am
wesoundPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Hello my maps are playing but my playlist give error and i never have problems with it can you help me ?

Posted Tue 12 Sep 17 @ 2:11 pm
what can I do about that

Posted Mon 25 May 20 @ 8:21 pm
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