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PRO Infinity
Member since 2005

Posted Sun 27 Nov 11 @ 10:21 am
I'm tired of the slim selection of karaoke available on the market. I'm tired of paying top price for a collection of tracks and only 2 or 3 of 15 songs are really usable.


But how???

I have all the instrumentals I need but how do I add the lyrics? How do I get the high-lit progress of the lyrics?

Someone here in this community has to know. Would you be willing to share the knowledge?

PRO Infinity
Member since 2010

Posted Sun 27 Nov 11 @ 10:29 am
Try googling it, theres lots of software that allows you to make your own Karaoke tracks. is one i found

PRO Infinity
Member since 2008

Posted Sun 27 Nov 11 @ 12:05 pm

This is what i'm using now to make my own, you have even less in caribbean genre, soca, chutney, reggae, ect

Try the free demo here

Good Luck,


PRO Infinity
Member since 2008

Posted Sun 27 Nov 11 @ 8:40 pm
I used to do my karaoke files with Karaoke CD+G Creator
I think this software easier to use than Karaoke Builder Studio wich is widely recomended at karaoke-do-it-yourself communities all around the world.
With K CD+G the lyrics can be loaded from txt files and there is a waveform to help with synchronization. It is a simple and very intuitive software.

Home user
Member since 2010

Posted Mon 28 Nov 11 @ 1:18 am
Actually there's a new way, created especially for VDJ. You should only have instrumental in MP3 format and lyrics in LRC format. It's still in development, but already working OK. See it in action:

PRO Infinity
Member since 2014

Posted Wed 20 Aug 14 @ 2:17 am
dj city did you find out how to do this?