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PRO Infinity
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Posted Thu 10 Nov 11 @ 11:55 pm
Just picked it up today AND IM LOVING IT :)

Ive been trying for hours to sort out a small issue that i think its more of a mapping issue, when using the jogs to scratch, in theory, (as you go back and forth on the jogs) say you back 2 beats and forward 2 beats, back 2 forward 2, back 2 forward 2, whats happening is that its acting a bit erratic, for example if i go back 2 beats it goes forward 3, back 2 forward 1, back 2 forward 4, all of a sudden it goes back 5 beats and forward 2.... on VDJ LE it works perfectly fine, ive re-installed all the drivers and VDJ... but this is making my brain hurt...

Anyone have an idea? thanks :)