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PRO Infinity
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Posted Thu 27 Oct 11 @ 5:42 pm
program will not seperate decks-still hear both from one line-what am i doing wrong?

my set up is
output=external mixer
soundcard-mono seperated

PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Thu 27 Oct 11 @ 5:56 pm
I don't think your LE version supports an external mixer.


PRO Infinity
Member since 2009

Posted Thu 27 Oct 11 @ 5:59 pm
it shows on my laptop so i think it does support it
Posted Fri 28 Oct 11 @ 3:19 am
VirtualDJ Basic does support separate decks to an external mixer - See

If you are using the mono separated option with a Y splitter cable, then you probably have the wrong type of splitter. You need a cable that splits the signal into two MONO signals (Left and right.) You probably currently have a headphone sharing adaptor which splits the output into two identical stereo outputs. This will not work for the mono separated option.

NOTE: For live performance, a proper multi-channel DJ sound card is recommended such as Numark DJIO. This will give you stereo sound for each deck.

PRO Infinity
Member since 2009

Posted Fri 28 Oct 11 @ 9:45 am
what do i need to use the two sound cards together--my comp sound card and the creative x-fi go pro

Home user
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Posted Tue 15 Nov 11 @ 8:04 pm
^ yes, go pro