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Topic: Database and ID3 tags
MeowMixPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Please fix the issue of reloading ID3 tags.

In most cases VDJ will not updated the ID3 tags (especially comments and key) if they have been changed since the first time VDJ loaded the track. Doing batch tag reload has little effect.

Also allow VDJ to read ID3 ratings.

Thank you

Posted Mon 12 Sep 11 @ 3:52 pm
JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Just click your music folder to highlight it, right click and choose "Add to Search db" or Highlight any file or group of files in the browser, right click and choose "Batch", then click on "Title From Tags" and it will UpDate those files......

Good Luck,


Posted Mon 12 Sep 11 @ 7:35 pm
MeowMixPRO InfinityMember since 2010
You just repeated what ive already said doesnt work.

Batch reload and re-adding to search DB most of the time does not update comments and keys.

Posted Tue 13 Sep 11 @ 1:30 pm
JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Highlight any file or group of files in the browser, right click and choose "Batch", then click on "Title From Tags" and it will UpDate those files......

This should work.....


Posted Tue 13 Sep 11 @ 6:52 pm
MeowMix - I can sympathize with you...I've had a similar problem with the Comment tag (like you) and Cover art tags ever since I started on VDJ with ver. 5.xx right up to the current 7.x ver.

In my case, I would change one or both of these tags in a existing VDJ folder using a utility (e.g., Tag&Rename) and then run Batch>Reload tags on the folder or on specific songs. Invariably, VDJ would miss some of the files some of the time, all of the files some of the time, and sometimes even do all of the files correctly, but there was no rhyme or reason as to when it would fail. When it did "miss" some files, those files usually showed up in the middle of the list (for some strange reason) when I viewed them in the VDJ browser. I have noticed that closing the folder in the VDJ Explorer tab, and then reopening it, sometimes refreshed the tags and made stuff update. However, this didn't always work either. I've even gone so far as removing the folder from VDJ, updating the database, moving the folder back in, updating the database again, then rerunning Batch>Reload tags, and it STILL didn't pick up the new tags!

I don't think this is an issue where nobody believes you and I - it's just that people like us haven't been able to document the problem in such a way that it is repeatable. If the folks at Atomix can't replicate it and make it happen consistently. they can't create a programming fix for it.

[My gut feeling is that the cache that VDJ uses is not being updated properly when this issue occurs, but how can I prove it...?]

See if you can duplicate the issue consistently under the same circumstances. If you can, write it up with all of the particulars and post it under the PC Version Technical Support forum. I will certainly support your effort!

FYI - I am running ver. 7.02 CUE on HP DV9620us laptop with 32-bit Windows Vista and 2 GB RAM and AMD Tl-58 1.90 GHZ chip.

Posted Tue 13 Sep 11 @ 11:06 pm
One workaround (actually the only workaround I know of) is to select each file where the tags did not get updated, right-click, and go to File Infos. As you will see, the updated tag information will be displayed, but it needs to be "forced into" the respective VDJ field by clicking on the ^ (upper arrow) next to that field. It's a real pain when you have scores of files that need to be updated that were missed in Batch mode, but if you have the patience, you'll get it done.

Posted Wed 14 Sep 11 @ 9:44 pm
MeowMixPRO InfinityMember since 2010
when you are talking about hundreds of tracks at the same time its just not sensible to have to find them and updated them manually one by one. This is a bug that really needs to be fixed.

One incredibly annoying alternative is to delete the files or entire folder from the database and have it re-scan it (while losing all cue points).
Its kinda like wiping your memory every time you get a headache.

(P.S. the way i do is that i copy/paste the xml file text into google docs and then change the folder name by doing find and replace. this way vdj is forced to check the database and re-learn where those tracks are and re-load them).

Posted Thu 15 Sep 11 @ 4:02 pm
I agree!!! SAME ISSUES!! Also, I still do not understand why it does not read the WHOLE ID3 tag. I like to know the length of the song to verify a tag is not misrepresented etc. I have been asking for this to be fixed, a few times I have completely wiped the database and started over. Also, changing tags in virtual dj does not change the ID3 tag.


Posted Wed 28 Sep 11 @ 1:43 am
JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008

Posted Wed 28 Sep 11 @ 12:11 pm
MeowMixPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Phantom's tool will be an incredible asset once complete however, it does not change the fact that a 1st tier DJ software should not have fundamental database management bugs that only belong in a beta version.

Posted Wed 28 Sep 11 @ 10:12 pm
JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008
This plugin was created by a user, not Automix (AKA VirtualDJ) you'll need to use caution and backup your db files before using, but the plus side is once the bugs are fixed, you get the benefit of it's intended use which is what you're looking for and above all's free to all registered user...Not a bad deal at all....

Good Luck,


Posted Thu 29 Sep 11 @ 9:21 am
MeowMixPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Let me rephrase this since you dont seem to be getting my point.

If im buying a 10 year old Datsun with no air conditioning i know exactly what to expect. However if i am buying a brand new Mercedes and when sometimes i turn on the AC it blows hot air in my face, it is gonna drastically reduce the quality image assigned to the brand.

VDJ is a Mercedes class software so its features should function accordingly without me having to take it to a random mechanic.

Posted Thu 29 Sep 11 @ 10:58 pm
HI did this ever get fixed I have the same problems but cant see the speacial page as its in a memebrs area and my access cant see it

Posted Fri 30 Sep 11 @ 9:53 am
JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008

You are Not correct, the only problem here is that. when you bought wasn't offered with that feature and was not available as an option eithere, so.... that doesn't make the software substandard which you are inferring in your scenario.....I'm very sure you kicked the tires before you bought it....The Point,.. you came to the right place to Request for this feature to be added....

Posted Fri 30 Sep 11 @ 10:50 am
Leony80Home userMember since 2017
Can someone confirm you can simple copy VDJ tags to ID3 tag with VDJ_DB_Manager

Posted Thu 28 Sep 17 @ 5:36 pm
VDJ_DB_Manager works only with Version 7 databases.

There's no point to make it read version 8 databases since VirtualDj 8 is capable to write the data on the tags itself (either manually, or automatically based on user settings)

Posted Tue 03 Oct 17 @ 12:43 pm
Hey Guys,
It would be nice to have to read the language field.
Thanks in advance! :)

Posted Mon 13 Nov 17 @ 2:02 am
Would it be possible to add a Reload tag command to the browser window when right clicking a song?
When multiple songs are selected, there is an option already. On a single song I cannot find it.

Posted Mon 13 Nov 17 @ 2:04 am