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Topic: Akai LPD8 Support
Okay, so i decided I needed an additional external MIDI Controller to control my effects in conjunction with my external Hercules controller. Nothing fancy. I had the Free version of Virtual DJ and upgraded to the pro version so that I could get licensing permission to download the mapping addons in order to use the external Akai LPD8. And this is what I find ridiculous:

1. In numerous posts looking for support, I find repsonses to questions like this: ok. so this is first a thread saying thank you to some guy who wrote the script, and then a link to download it. This doesnt help me fix my problem.

2. There is no how to or walkthrough on how to assign or map any of these controls within ANYTHING, and no technical support for integration.

3. The mappers that require an upgraded license to use are written by community members? Where did they get the information to know how to make the xml and mapping files?

4. The instructions given by the coders in the installation files are poorly written, incomplete, and hard to follow, even for an advanced user.

5. The DJ Triple 9 Mapper is incoherent, missing files, and does not function properly. Also you cannot see what files are put where and why, therefore its hard to adjust settings since there is nothing to change, and it just flat out doesnt work...yet you make it available from your site.

Bottom line is, I want this thing to work and Ill be out of your hair. I know how to map functions to other MIDI devices just fine, but it seems like the AKAI LDP8 is a little more complicated and I just need some clarification. However, there is no support here, or anywhere in the online community. So if you have forum posts that recommend this product for use, you should also have some additional FAQs describing how to make it work with Virtual DJ. Just saying.

So, I need help getting it to work. Where do I go?

Posted Thu 11 Aug 11 @ 9:40 pm
mesobrPRO InfinityMember since 2011
I Totally agree this is really getting on my nerves

Posted Mon 15 Aug 11 @ 9:18 am
mesobrPRO InfinityMember since 2011
mesobr wrote :
I Totally agree this is really getting on my nerves
if you find answer plz let me know asap

Posted Mon 15 Aug 11 @ 9:20 am
--- First of all you need to edit your LPD8 using the LPD8 Editor (, the reason this needs to be done is because the LPD8 comes by default with same MIDI CC's settings on each one of the 4 presets.

--- After you have changed your LPD8 MIDI CC's values for all PADS & KNOBS on each preset you'll be ready to go with your Virtual DJ Mapping.

--- I've done it using the KEY-LEARN and ACTION-LEARN buttons. Select NEW on the left box, then press KEY-LEARN, press a PAD or tweak a KNOB on your LPD8, you'll notice that mapping system detects the MIDI CC value for knobs & pads.

--- Once there's a Midi value, then press the ACTION-LEARN button and press the button, slider, knob, or whatever parameter on the virtual dj, the selected parameter will be then linked with the Midi CC code.

This is a very short & simple explanation, hopefully you can play around with settings, or READ the tooltips added for each parameter to understand what it does.

Posted Sat 27 Aug 11 @ 3:08 am
why lose the amazing functionality of having pressure sensitive drum pads, you can map the pads for different sensitivity to pressure with modifications of this script

param_greater #% ? if midi CC is higher than #% : if midi CC is lower than #%


for a hot cue...
param_greater 0% ? deck 1 hot_cue 1 ? deck 1 set_cue 1 : deck 1 goto_cue 1 & deck 1 play : nothing

you can change the sensitivity... so you cant mistakenly hit the button
param_greater 70% ? deck 1 hot_cue 1 ? deck 1 set_cue 1 : deck 1 goto_cue 1 & deck 1 play : nothing

you can have pressure sensitive momentary hot cues like piano notes
deck 1 volume & param_greater 50% deck 1 goto_cue 1 & deck 1 play : deck 1 pause

the list is endless, you just need to have a good idea...

everything you need to learn is in the script wiki -->

for the leds to work you need a definition file, guess where that information is... the controller wiki -->

there is only 16 X 4 midi notes on it so creating a definition file wont be hard, and now that your a pro user you can use chackl's plugin to do it for you -->

Posted Sat 03 Sep 11 @ 12:15 am
Can someone help me out.

Downloaded djtriple9's lpd8 mapper.
followed intructions to a T. but all the lpd8 would do is half loop on all buttons.
When I try to map it myself with key learn it stops working.
Any ideas?

vdj 6 pro
powerbook 1.67 with 2gb RAM
running on leopard

Posted Fri 17 Feb 12 @ 2:24 pm
VDJ 6 on Mac does act wacky with my custom map(dunno why). It does work with version 7 on Mac, and 6 and 7 for P.C. try upgrading and message me if you still have issues. sorry for the VERY late response.

Posted Fri 02 Nov 12 @ 3:30 am
if anyone is wanting to use the Akai LPD8 and Virtual Dj you visit this blog: [Removed]
there is also a premade midi config file ready for use.

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