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Topic: Distortion Problem
I have been recording mix's and i use these setting's before .... master volume full. decks volumes 3 quarters. and gain auto. now i do this for more volume out of my mix's. Master volume still full. gain turned up to 3 quarters and decks volumes on half. My problem .... when i play a song on a deck perfect no distortion. when i mix or blend two tracks together heavy distortion comes in ... only way i can get rid of it is turn the bass off on the track im mixing out of but that do-sent sound good on every song i mix. Also if i turn the volumes decks up to 3 quarters the track it self gets distorted not the mix. When i play at a club or use my huge sound when i mix there is no distortion at all. What are your thoughts go back to auto gain when i record mix's ? & stay the same when i am live ? or is there another solution.

Dj Toni

Posted Wed 10 Aug 11 @ 2:09 am
Auto gain didn't work for me.

is your amp turned up enough, sounds like your pushing your sound card or something.

Posted Wed 10 Aug 11 @ 6:39 am
turn down the record level in control panel that should stop distortion

Posted Wed 10 Aug 11 @ 6:51 am
Thanks for the response guys,

Charlie Wilson - My amp is turned up enough the problem is when i record mix's not when i play live.

synthet1c - I use mac it should have a recording level as well. Should i do the same ?

Posted Wed 10 Aug 11 @ 12:45 pm
never used a mac, but yeah give it a try

Posted Wed 10 Aug 11 @ 2:32 pm
Still having trouble lowered the volume on the recording still the same what settings do you guys use ?

Posted Thu 11 Aug 11 @ 12:58 am
a different computer, running adobe audition so i can monitor the levels and get a quality recording

Posted Thu 11 Aug 11 @ 3:52 am
If you’re going from an external mixer back into the computer I use line-in to record. I say that as I was playing around trying to record a mix and found that if I used record loop back it would distort.

Hope this helps in some way,


Posted Thu 11 Aug 11 @ 5:17 am
Smart way but i have only one computer to use ... i think im just gonna cut the bass out.

Thanks for the help Dj Toni

Posted Thu 11 Aug 11 @ 8:35 pm
you only need one computer to do it

Posted Fri 12 Aug 11 @ 3:02 am
yeah, but I like to see the levels as I said, and I don't want to sacrifice cpu for either process, this way the dj computer only has to play music and the record computer records, besides that my computers are rather weak on their own, but good enough separately.

Posted Fri 12 Aug 11 @ 5:17 am
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
erm, just a couple of thoughts...

have you turned your mic off?

have you oiled your mixers knobs/sliders lately?

have you tried setting your latency to auto on both vdj and your soundcard control panel? (i had this problem once and it was a latency issue on my soundcard side)

Posted Fri 12 Aug 11 @ 6:06 am
I see & i have turned off my mic, I have a brand new controller i don't need to oil the nobs & faders yet, & i have not tried that yet because i leave my sound card on 512 because the ns7 had the underwater sound but i switched to the older driver from numark and it fixed it but im going to give that a try & also i kinda got better quality once i turned my master volume down to 3 quarters. It got rid of most of the distortion i think it should be good now.

Thank you to all the people who responded - Dj Toni

Posted Fri 12 Aug 11 @ 3:02 pm
What is the best way to detect clipping without a graph indicator when recording with VDJ ? I can't use just one permanent setting as karaoke singers sing at different volume levels and that is what I am recording. Would it be too much to ask to have VDJ include a gain/level meter for recording volume ?


Posted Sun 04 Sep 11 @ 3:41 am
I am having problems when I am making a music video compilation, when I play the recording the play back is half screen distorted. I am recording in mp4 format...any suggestions?

Posted Wed 07 Mar 18 @ 2:08 am