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RETRO10Home userMember since 2011
Newbie qustion...
Just got me DJ2GO, installed on my laptop with the supplied LE version, all working well apart from the 'LOAD A' & 'LOAD B' buttons don't seem to be mapped/working ? can anyone help with this ?
Also, how do I use the controller on another desktop machine with 7 PRO without installing the supplied LE software ?
Many thanks in advance,

Posted Mon 06 Jun 11 @ 1:33 pm

Posted Tue 07 Jun 11 @ 5:40 am
Hello... This question may have been posted and answered already, but I can't find it. Never the less,
I'm new to VDJ and just purchased the DJ2GO and the Numark PHX USB headphones, but can't get any sound in the headphones, let alone getting deck A or B to cue up in the headphones.
Can anyone tell me how to set it up to make this happen? I'm running the LE software that came with it on a macbook pro.


Posted Sat 09 Jul 11 @ 11:18 pm
jerwillHome userMember since 2012
I have a numark dj2go and one of the jog wheels allow me to scratch while the other changes the pitch of the music.

How can I change the setting to allow me to scratch on both jog wheels?

Posted Tue 07 Aug 12 @ 10:02 pm

Posted Wed 08 Aug 12 @ 4:44 am
jerwillHome userMember since 2012
how can i get my numark dj2go to work with virtual dj pro 7?

Posted Wed 08 Aug 12 @ 2:20 pm
Purchase a licence and download the latest 7.05b version where it is natively supported.


Posted Wed 08 Aug 12 @ 3:16 pm
lawzeHome userMember since 2013
hi i have numark dg2go butt u dont have software in my laptop can help me send me software for dj2go thanks

Posted Thu 21 Feb 13 @ 4:59 am
jakovskiPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2006
If you got a device without the Lite Software it get's delivered with you should return it to the store and ask for a complete pack.

If you bought it without Software or second hand you need our Professional Full version to use it with or any other kind of MIDI featured DJ Software.

Greets, Heiko

Posted Thu 21 Feb 13 @ 5:06 am
To load a track (DJ2GO) you need to press the load button twice.

I have the also purchased this item as a back up. Two questions: 1/ Can I use DJ2GO with Numark Cue 5 (Full Version)? 2/ When I connect my DJIO to VDJ LE (Lite) no external mixer option shows up. Does this mean I cannot separate the signals to two channels?

Posted Tue 09 Jul 13 @ 12:49 pm
roybasnett wrote :
1/ Can I use DJ2GO with Numark Cue 5 (Full Version)?

No, it's far too old and doesn't natively support it unlike the latest version of the software that has full native support with working LED's.

Please register your Numark Cue serial number to your account and then download the latest version from the Download Center.

roybasnett wrote :
2/ When I connect my DJIO to VDJ LE (Lite) no external mixer option shows up. Does this mean I cannot separate the signals to two channels?

VirtualDJ LE/Lite is limited software and does not support this option. It supports master/headphone setup only. Please see:

To be able to output the decks separately to the an external DJ mixer, you will need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Professional at a discount: (Or use the full Numark Cue if you have purchased and registered it as above and updated it to the latest version.)

Posted Tue 09 Jul 13 @ 1:40 pm
ive lost the serial number for the virtual dj le lite (dj2go), is there anyway of getting a new serial number for it?

Posted Fri 10 Jan 14 @ 11:05 am

Posted Fri 10 Jan 14 @ 11:34 am
hi, just got my new dj2go but only have a new imac with no ability to put in a cd, where can i download the software from?

Posted Fri 17 Jan 14 @ 12:34 pm
Register the VDJ LE serial number to your account here, then you will be able to download from your download center.

Posted Fri 17 Jan 14 @ 12:49 pm
Dear sir, I have tried to use my DJ2GO tapped on the icon and it asked for my serial number, I know longer have the disc or serial number, could you please help/advise me how I can get it working, or can you send me it please, thank you. E MAIL <removed>

Posted Mon 10 Nov 14 @ 6:23 am
Hi GUys

I purchased a ion DJ2GO controller from a friend but he never gave me any cd or anything so every ten minutes VDJ kicks the controller out.

Can you please help me!!1 :(((

Posted Tue 10 Feb 15 @ 2:07 am

Posted Tue 10 Feb 15 @ 6:35 am
I bought the DJ2Go controller on Amazon and it didn't come with the CD. I was able to download he software but its now asking for a serial number. I've checked everywhere, can anyone please please please tell me where do I find the serial number?

Posted Thu 28 May 15 @ 9:07 pm
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