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Topic: 64-bit versions
Release VDJ 64-bit for Windows Vista/7 64-bit native.

Posted Wed 23 Feb 11 @ 7:10 am
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
VirtualDJ already works in 64-bit environment. Limitations are by hardware supporting 64-bit - not VirtualDJ.

Posted Wed 23 Feb 11 @ 10:14 am
cstoll wrote :
VirtualDJ already works in 64-bit environment.

Exactly man I use Vdj in win 7 ultimate x64...

Posted Sun 27 Feb 11 @ 7:07 pm
Ok, but VDJ is NOT native 64-bit application also Office 2010 64-bit, etc.
Its run under 64-bit Windows, it's 32-bit application.
Native 64-bit software takes advantage of features from an available 64-bit processor and a 32-bit software does not takes advantage of these resources. A native 64-bit software does not install on a 32-bit operating system, so the VDJ not have 64-bit instructions.

Posted Mon 28 Feb 11 @ 6:44 am
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
What features do you envisage VDJ making use of out of interest?

Posted Mon 28 Feb 11 @ 7:03 am
jbart19PRO InfinityMember since 2011
The ability to address more ram would be a major plus. NEw laptops and desktops can now easily be ordered with between 8-16 GB of ram. I have 8GB in a 2 year old laptop but VDJ only addresses about 3.8GB. This could speed up intensive tasks on large collections, I currently have 400,000+ songs in my Database.

Posted Tue 15 Mar 11 @ 11:53 pm
Just FYI:
No matter how many files you have on your music collection the RAM amount won't make the slightest difference... The tracks load on RAM only when they are about to play! In other words unless you want to load and manipulate long RAW AVI files the more RAM won't give you any performance boost.

Posted Wed 16 Mar 11 @ 3:18 pm
+1 for VDJ 64bit. I asked for this last year.

Mixing videos require large RAM access. I talked to a friend of mine a computer expert. You can exaust 4 GB of ram in using video files in about 1 hour. 32 bit apps are limited to 2GB ram. having an 8gb ram pc or even 16gb ram won't give us any advantage unless vdj has access to it. and the only way vdj will have access to it, is if vdj is native 64 bit.


+1 for VDJ 64bit.

Posted Mon 28 Mar 11 @ 7:55 pm
mizurPRO InfinityMember since 2003
This topic is several year old, however still an issue, even back then I dont understand why so many responses tried to fight the idea, back then the question should not been what would be better in 64?, the question should had been, why wouldn't you want a 64 version of virtual DJ?

Such an strange argument could only be similar to people in the seventies saying, "why would you like color on your TV when black and white looks great, it even runs on color TV's"

Such is the absurdity of the argument brought upon the original question.

But that was 2011, this is 2018, would it be correct to think than an upcoming update or new version of VDJ might be a 64 native program?

Or are we stuck on the argument that 32bit programs run great on color TV's, sorry... on 64bit computers.

Posted Sun 28 Jan 18 @ 1:51 am
Some notes about 32 bit apps:

1) 32 bit apps are not limited to 2/4gb. Processes are. An app can have many processes but most don't. Each process can access 2/4gb. But can be a hassle.

2) most video processing apps take advantage of MME and SSE instructions. These instructions are available on most any computer going way back and can be accessed with 32 or 64 bit apps. These special instructions operate on up to 256 bits at a time and not just 64 bits. This don't have anything to do with how much memory can be accessed.

64 bit apps/processes do give you access to a larger address space. They won't turn your machine into something that it is not to begin with. A slow machine is still slow. I would not want some poorly written app eating up lots of memory. You don't need too.

Most video app do not attempt to read in an entire video. Just enough for proper playback or whatever the app needs are. For smooth scratching you need to have enough of the video ready. Could go into a lot of other details about this but not going too.

A 64bit address space can help with large videos like 4k videos etc.

Why are some apps slow to adopt 64bit ?

1) they may not need 64 bit

2) most apps have a dependency on 3rd party libraries. These all need to be 64 bit as well as the main app. What if you don't have the source code for them? Well you might be waiting on someone else. In my case I have the source code for every 3rd partly library that I have.

3) what is your development environment? is it 64 bit ready or does it have some issues?

For me everything is C/C++ and assembler. Mostly easy to convert to 64 bit. Have done my own libraries and apps for other people. Pretty straight forward mostly but there are some things like assembler that can be a little bit of a headache.

Everything I have compiles as 32 or 64 bit. I need both.

Nothing earth shaking about 64 bit except larger address base Again you would not want some foolish app eating up memory on you for the most part. There are more clever ways to deal with it. Depends are some factors.

Posted Sun 28 Jan 18 @ 12:22 pm
64 bit is the way of the future.

Recently, Serato has gone that route and renamed their products: Serato DJ Pro (64 bit of Serato DJ) and Sero DJ Light (64 bit of serato dj intro).

Posted Sun 08 Apr 18 @ 7:41 pm
djkz wrote :
64 bit is the way of the future.

Recently, Serato has gone that route and renamed their products: Serato DJ Pro (64 bit of Serato DJ) and Sero DJ Light (64 bit of serato dj intro).

you really gave no valid reason there... I mean other then you would like to see 64bit in your task manager?

I am sure one day it will go 64bit but hopefully for a good reason not just for the look of it.....

Posted Sun 08 Apr 18 @ 8:15 pm
djkz wrote :
Recently, Serato has gone that route and renamed their products

Yes, Serato had a huge 32-bit problem (the product is technically a bit of a bulky mess), so they couldn't handle large track libraries with 32-bit

That was simply a design error on their part (for some reason they didn't expect people to get big libraries), and the easy fix for them was to go to 64-bit

That being said, in the not too distant future Mac OS will only be able to support 64-bit software, so you'll need 64-bit versions of your software to run it on Mac

Posted Sun 08 Apr 18 @ 10:11 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
AFAIK the mac version of VDJ already is a 64bit assembly.

So lets wait and see what happens to the Win version...
The 32 bit version never led to any problems for me, so actually I don't care :)

Posted Mon 09 Apr 18 @ 8:31 am