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Topic: Listen to 2nd song while 1st song plays
As a DJ from years ago, I was able to listen to the up coming song without it playing over the speakers. How do I do that now so that I can line up the song ahead of time. Im guessing that you cant, especially if its being recorded.

Posted Tue 14 Dec 10 @ 9:05 pm
Yes you can cue your songs.

Best way for the lowest latency between your headphones and audio output is to get a stand alone audio interface, or a controller with an audio interface built into it.

Get at least a 4x2 unit. Use channels 1&2 for your main out and 3&4 for your headphone cue. ASIO drivers give the best perfomance. When mixing you don't want any delay between what is playing and what you hear in your headphones.

Using 2 cards like one built into the motherboard and another card will mostly give you problems with crackling or delay. Save some time and get a good audio interface.

I bought an M-Audio Fast Track Pro for my Desktop PC, and a Hercules Deejay Trim for my gig laptop, both work great. No more problems.

Good Luck,


Posted Tue 14 Dec 10 @ 10:17 pm
To be able to pre-listen to music using headphones, you will either need two sound cards or a sound card with multiple outputs, such as a 5.1 surround sound card or preferably a dedicated DJ sound card (E.g: Numark DJIO or Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ.) With a laptop, you can add a basic USB stick sound card that will provide you with the additional output that you need.

Alternatively, you can use a single sound card and the mono split option in VirtualDJ's sound setup, however this will only give you MONO sound. You will need a splitter cable to split the left/right channels - Please search Google for: 3.5 jack splitter to mono

Once you have suitable sound card(s), you will then need to go into VirtualDJ CONFIG -> Sound Settings and choose Outputs: Headphones and select the appropriate sound card(s).

NOTE: In Home FREE, sound card options are limited. You will need a 5.1 card built into your computer to be able to headphone pre-listen, or use the MONO split option. For more advanced sound configuration, such as two separate cards or an external DJ sound card, you will need to purchase either VirtualDJ Basic or VirtualDJ Professional:

To choose which deck to pre-listen to, press the TAB key or click PFL button on the skin. Use the crossfader and/or volume sliders to control which deck is output live over the master outputs.

Posted Wed 15 Dec 10 @ 3:44 am