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Author - Topic: Numark Mixtrack Pro soundcard drivers for VDJ 6.1 -


No license user
Posted Thu 25 Nov 10 @ 9:14 am
Hi there. Where can i find the drivers for Numark Mixtrack PRO for vdj 6.1? I searched the download section, controllers but i can't find anything :/ please if anyone can help write a post here ... tnxxx


Professional edition user
Premium Member
Posted Thu 25 Nov 10 @ 10:00 am
You should only need drivers for your OS, not VDJ. So install the drivers on the CD that came with you Mixtrack. Otherwise you could try Numark's website.


Professional edition user
Premium Member
Posted Thu 25 Nov 10 @ 10:42 am
it installs the drivers for you when you plug the USB in to the computer from the deck..


No license user
Posted Fri 26 Nov 10 @ 8:53 am
yes it does but the controller comes with virtual dj LE and in the config menu there is no sound card options.. so one channel is on my speakers and the other plays on my headphones :S i can't do any setup in that VDJ.. how can i buy it if i don't know if it works perfectly?! When i installed it on my lap top for the very first time it showed me sound setup tab in config but when i restarted the program it was gone! So, i saw that there was a "NUMARK" driver in sound setup (you know from where you can choose ASIO drivers).. SO, ALL I NEED IS THAT "NUMARK" DRIVER FOR vdj .
Posted Fri 26 Nov 10 @ 9:04 am
You can try it out before purchasing for 10 minutes at a time with full sound config options in VirtualDJ Home FREE:

There should also be an option in LE to try VirtualDJ Pro for 20 days, assuming this has not already been ussed.

NOTE: After 10 minutes, Home FREE will revert back to mouse and keyboard control only until you next restart the software.


No license user
Posted Tue 30 Nov 10 @ 6:13 pm
i tried that home edition .. no cotroller supported on HOME... on my LE, there are NO sound card options and no, i didnt use those 20 days ... :///


Atomix Productions
Hardware Integration Development
Posted Wed 01 Dec 10 @ 1:27 pm
Home FREE v7 does allow controllers and advanced sound configurations to be tried for the first 10 minutes as a trial of VirtualDJ Pro features. After that, the controller and advanced sound config will de-activate and control will revert back to mouse and keyboard only until you restart the software.


Limited edition user
Posted Wed 29 Dec 10 @ 8:03 pm
I have vdj pro. but its missing the mappers and drivers for the above mention "NUMARK" sound card thing. Cant find the download in the controllers section.. link?
Posted Thu 30 Dec 10 @ 9:43 am
Please register your Pro serial on the page

Then download the latest v7.0.2 Pro from the Download Center:

The MixTrack mapping is built-in (Native) in the latest version - Nothing needs to be downloaded except for the latest VirtualDJ Pro as above.


Professional edition user
Posted Thu 06 Jan 11 @ 5:37 pm
this support staff has no idea what they are talking about..absolutely no help MY MIXTRACK PRO ISNT WORKING CAUSE VDJ PRO 7 DOESNT WORK
Posted Fri 21 Jan 11 @ 7:39 am
Please be polite in your replies.

We know exactly what we are talking about. A very common cause of controllers not working is simply because the user does not have the latest version installed and is using an out-of-date version. The user above who we replied to does not have a Pro serial number registered to their account, so may not be running the latest version.

If you already have the latest version installed and the MixTrack is not working, then there may be something else on your system that is conflicting with the MixTrack and preventing it from working.

A common cause is Logitech Webcams which have badly written drivers that interfere with and prevent other MIDI devices from working.

If you have a Logitech Webcam or have previously used one, please contact support for a solution: - Or search Google for: logitech webcam midi conflict

If VirtualDJ Pro itself will not work or install either with or without the MixTrack connected, then please contact support for advice:


Limited edition user
Posted Tue 31 May 11 @ 12:06 pm
well i have bought the numark MIXTRACK and download the newer version off virtualdj, but when i click on virtual dj LE my MIXTRACK turns off i am wopndering y?


Professional edition user
Posted Tue 05 Jul 11 @ 7:35 pm
hello..... i have the mixtrack pro.... with vdj pro.... my computer crashed..... i got it fixed and every since then the keylock button will not work..... everything else works just fine.... so i was wondering do i need to download a new driver or what???? thanks in advance!!!
Posted Wed 06 Jul 11 @ 5:28 am
Please check your master tempo setting in CONFIG -> Performances

If this is set to Pure Scratch then you will not be able to use keylock/master tempo.


No license user
Posted Sat 22 Oct 11 @ 3:44 pm
how can i setup the mixtrac pro with vdj 7 to use the mic


No license user
Posted Tue 13 Dec 11 @ 3:35 am
sorry i write an error post


Limited edition user
Posted Thu 26 Apr 12 @ 1:10 am
DJClint77 wrote :
it installs the drivers for you when you plug the USB in to the computer from the deck..

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