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Posted Thu 30 Sep 10 @ 6:31 am
I own the older version of virtual dj and looking to upgrade to the virtual dj pro because I just got the Numark V7. I want to see how VDJ Pro works with the V7 but wanted to know if they will allow me to download the definition file to map with my V7 when using the trial version? My old comp crashed and i don't have any records of VDJ from the past so I was going to try the trial version first, but want to see how it works with my V7. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted Thu 30 Sep 10 @ 9:28 am
Sorry, mappers and other add-ons are only available to registered licensed users who have purchased VirtualDJ:

However, you do not need to download anything because the Numark V7 is natively supported in the latest trial: