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Topic: Putting a picture or video background on my Karaoke
Good day Pros! It's been awhile. I think i should get a medal for advertising VDJ so much, this is the best darn program every come across on the face of the earth. Any how this is what i am asking you great peeps for. I am now using VDJ to play my Karaoke at my Monday Night gigs. but i hate the flat background, how can I put a background while playing the karaoke? I would like a video of a seenry or picture of seenry. before I use Siglos pro player; it give you many picture background with the words in front. the only thing it does not play videos. Can someone hit me up


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Posted Thu 19 Aug 10 @ 10:12 pm
Can someone help me please< I need a background for karaoke Lyrics, The black, Blue, Grey behind the lyircs looks dead. I was using Siglos Pro Player and it has thirty different picture slides in random. Please someone

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Posted Sat 21 Aug 10 @ 11:00 pm
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Try the free VDJ Firetext plugin, you can use one image or multiple images in rotatation. This works by using the alpha blend/transparency slider to bring your karaoke text through, you can also place images any size any where on screen.

You won't be able to use the movie/video tab until you purchase the main software though.

Go to the download > plugins > effects > video section, to get the free plugin.

Not exactly what you wanted, but a bit of a compromise for you.

Posted Sun 22 Aug 10 @ 5:57 am
Issue here is that most karaoke files have a blue or black background, so how could you run an image in the background

Posted Mon 23 Aug 10 @ 5:13 am
Thanks tayla! I will try what you offer right now, tonight is my Karaoke night. Ok! discobrian24. Blue / Black background yes. I have been using Siglos player pro for over two years very very good, it allows you to put a screen saver when no music is playing, when you put on a karaoke song it has 30 screen saver of your choice. I use mostly sceenry mainly sun set, waterfall etc. go to powerkaraoke and download it you will see what i am talking about. The only reason i want to move from it is that it does not play all videos, mpeg, mpg.avi,vob.

But it is very good.

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The problem is i am hooked on VDJ

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Posted Mon 23 Aug 10 @ 5:50 pm
Tayla your are the bomb! I am so darn happy thanks

You are really a Pro

ya babeeeeeee

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Posted Mon 23 Aug 10 @ 7:25 pm
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Hehe, glad it helped, I forgot to mention when using the image rotator you can set the time in seconds for the length of time it will show the image on screen before it brings the next one on, or you can set it to zero and use it as a pause and next function, cool for weddings or even bar adverts.

Posted Tue 24 Aug 10 @ 4:28 am