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Author - Topic: Window 7 & Hercules DJ Console Rmx [download latest driver] -


Professional edition user
Posted Sun 18 Jul 10 @ 8:55 am
I would too start by saying, I don't know if someone has said anything about this in the past, if so I'm sorry about doing a repeat. But I bought the hercules dj console rmx after having the mk II. I've had it for 7mths now and at first it was ok, but I was using the old version windows on my computer. Finally upgrade too window 7 and all HELL broke loose! The software was not working right and my console would not respond too the software. I did the reset for the console, but some of the features that the console had no longer work and the software only records bin files. When I use record audio I get and error message stating (can't open mp3 encoder).

What do I do now? I'm so mad & confused with it all that I just want too throw it all out!


Professional edition user
Posted Sun 18 Jul 10 @ 11:30 am
Look for a encoder named Lame.dll you can google it...repleace the one in the windows directory. Also what version of VDJ are you using?


Professional edition user
Posted Sun 18 Jul 10 @ 3:14 pm
I downloaded the latest version. I even reset the hercules console, but by doing that the buttons that you use for pitch bending & effects do not work. I've tried reloading the software, but the buttons still doesn't work. I got the console too work with the software but it's still a little off.


VIP Member
Posted Sun 18 Jul 10 @ 4:33 pm
Have you tried updating the firmware on your console?


Professional edition user
Posted Sun 18 Jul 10 @ 5:37 pm
That's what I mean when I reset the console, I did that twice, still some of the features that was once on the console that worked from the beginning doesn't anymore. (pitch bending & effects) I've gotten use too using the console, now when it comes too using those two features I have too use my mouse too click onto the software too use it. kind of a step back.

Thanks too all and your infor. I'll try all the above again.


VIP Member
Posted Sun 18 Jul 10 @ 6:23 pm
Ah sorry, I should have read the original post a bit more carefully. Did you change your version of Virtual DJ between not having Windows 7 and now? Are you using Virtual DJ pro or the console edition?

Beyond installing the latest firmware (which you may already have) I'm not sure what the issue may be :(


Professional edition user
Posted Tue 20 Jul 10 @ 8:22 am
So are you guys saying that the RMX controller doesn't work with windows 7?


VIP Member
Posted Tue 20 Jul 10 @ 9:32 am
The RMX does work with Win7. As well as the latest firmware, make sure you have the latest drivers from Hercules (

The hercules is both 32-bit and 64-bit compatible as long as you have the latest drivers.

Also make sure you install correctly. DO NOT plug in the controller until instructed to do so by the software.




Professional edition user
Posted Tue 20 Jul 10 @ 9:59 am
can someone tell me what "Firmware" actually does and why is it good to keep it updated?
Thanx all.



VIP Member
Posted Tue 20 Jul 10 @ 10:31 am
Firmware is the "software" that sits inside any piece of electronic hardware. The firmware is "booted" when ever the device is powered on and in the case of the RMX is the interface between the soundcard/MIDI controls and the PC/MAC it's connected to.

Firmware updates usually occur when the manufacturer finds an issue with the hardware/device and need to eliminate the problem - this is a firmware update.

Hope this helps,


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