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Topic: Visualisation help for newbie

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Hi im new to virtual dj but have been using digital dj packages for years

I decided to use virtual rather than video sl due to the fact i do several venues and they all need a different type of djing, some party work but mainly club

My question is, when using a mp3 rather than a video is there a set of visualisations that are available to use on mp3 only tracks. If so i would really like to have it do it automatically as i would be mixing between the video and mp3 and dont have the time to be selecting visualisations during my nights

thanks in advance

Posted Tue 29 Jun 10 @ 5:17 am
the answer to you question is that you can use the plugins clip bank or Sonique Visual plugin. To set it just go into your settings and go into the video tab. On the video tab in the options section you should see use this plug-in for audio-only files. next to it you will see a pull-down box this is were you select the Sonique Visual Plugin or clip bank. And the check the box next to it. everything is done. now when you play any audio files the plugin will activate. Now you can switch from video to audio without a blank screen.

Posted Sun 04 Jul 10 @ 1:54 pm

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