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Topic: Skin DP2 Controll
A skin based on the driver will be ready soon, I hope you enjoy and leave comments

Posted Mon 21 Jun 10 @ 10:50 am
Awesome Quimis Dj!!! i look that have more space in the browser!!!! sounds great



Posted Mon 21 Jun 10 @ 11:47 am
Nice work dude, i love how much space u have for the browser
I've started a new project yesterday as well =)


Posted Mon 21 Jun 10 @ 12:40 pm
This skin has enough space in the browser is because it has just the basics
Resolution 1280x800 and 1280x1024

Posted Mon 21 Jun 10 @ 6:37 pm
can you create in 1024*768, if is possible!!!!



Posted Mon 21 Jun 10 @ 6:46 pm
Of course, if DJ POTTER

Posted Tue 22 Jun 10 @ 10:31 am
djmattvHome userMember since 2009
Any word on when that DP2 skin will be available for download? I have a DP2 and it would be extremely useful.

Posted Fri 22 Oct 10 @ 1:43 pm
chris66PRO InfinityMember since 2005
this is great is it going to be av. for DL soon

Posted Sun 07 Nov 10 @ 10:54 am
Hello fellow D.J.s out there somewhere around the globe:

Although I've been around as a member of this comunity for quite a while now, this is actually my first post and in advance, I would like to personally thank some great great peolple including D.J. Dad, D.J. Cstoll, D.J. Jpboggis, D.J. Jakovski, D.J. In Norway, D.J. Cel, D.J. Condo, D.J. Fandos and some others for their amazing wisdom and helpful support on this friendly website.

That being honestly said, I was wondering if anyone was still working on an American Audio DP2 Skin for Virtual D.J. 7 for I have just got myself a couple of this units and I really have to say that they are definetely awesome in every single aspect, specially if you're looking for some "small sized mobile D.J. gear" for your "small sized gigs". Besides, IMHO they are very nicely built and designed, and so I would like to use a skin based on this controller. I am also looking for a good looking and working skin for the Denon DN-S 3700s to use on my "bigger gigs".

Thank you all very much and have a nice day!

D.J. Castol.

Posted Wed 08 Dec 10 @ 3:46 am
t2billyPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Anyone know when will the DP2 skin be available? Last posts were in Nov and Dec.

Posted Wed 16 Feb 11 @ 3:49 pm
insicomHome userMember since 2017
Any word on when that DP2 skin will be available for download?

Posted Wed 04 Oct 17 @ 2:20 pm
Since the post above yours was dated 2011 I would say no ..... and even if it was it wouldn't work with the current version of VDJ anyway.

Posted Wed 04 Oct 17 @ 4:01 pm
There must be some DP2 on the road. I have one since 4 years. And still is very good controller. Just miss the touch sensitive. And there is no one dedicated skin.

Buy is native mapping on vdj8


Posted Thu 05 Oct 17 @ 3:56 am