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Topic: Windows 7 with bcd3000 [new driver 1.3.4 beta available]
gusto_4PRO InfinityMember since 2001
I just got a comp with window 7, but when I connected bcd3000 virtuadj won't work. bcd3000 won't start? help
anything else that I need to download from bcd3000 web site?

Posted Tue 06 Apr 10 @ 2:04 pm
BraenzuPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2007
32 or 64bit?


Posted Tue 06 Apr 10 @ 2:12 pm
gusto_4PRO InfinityMember since 2001

Posted Fri 09 Apr 10 @ 8:48 am
BraenzuPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2007

Posted Fri 09 Apr 10 @ 11:36 am

Posted Fri 09 Jul 10 @ 7:43 am
ciocePRO InfinityMember since 2004
It's not write in big in the behringer website but on Windows Seven 32 & 64 Bit No MIDI I/O operation possible with bcd3000, the behringer support for this controller units was never decent!

Posted Fri 09 Jul 10 @ 7:51 am
jakovskiPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2006
@ djnico20007

Would be more helpful for everyone if you write in english. ;-)

Posted Fri 09 Jul 10 @ 7:51 am
kavsherHome userMember since 2010

Posted Mon 23 Aug 10 @ 2:01 pm
hey im have the same probs in u go into setting and performances and change the latency it shud kick in. have u tred instailing "USB Audio Driver - Combined 32/64-bit 3rd party ASIO driver by ASIO4ALL: " as well as "USB Audio/MIDI Driver - Combined 32/64-bit driver:" form

hope this helps


Posted Thu 14 Apr 11 @ 8:23 am
hi there
got same problem here
bcd 3000 with vdj 7.0.5 can't install the behringer drive


help me please

Posted Thu 17 Oct 13 @ 4:27 pm
jakovskiPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2006
As you need our Professional Full version to use the BCD - please register and update your version to Pro Full 7.4.

Your version 7.0.5 is outdated. As your LE version is already 7.4 i wonder a bit why you are running Pro Full in this old version ?

Greets, Heiko

Posted Thu 17 Oct 13 @ 11:35 pm
The BCD series is also well known to be problematic for many users, especially the audio driver. It's possible that it may not be compatible with your operating system. The latest drivers can be downloaded from Behringer's website.

As above, the BCD3000 won't work with VirtualDJ LE for VMS4 unless your 20 day trial Pro is still active. v7.0.5 is also an old and out-of-date version, so you should try it with the latest Home FREE v7.4, which allows controllers to be tried out for 10 minutes at a time (Although If you own a VMS4, not sure why you would want to downgrade to a BCD3000, which is now quite old technology.)

You can upgrade from VirtualDJ LE for VMS4 to the full Pro at a discount by going to:

Posted Fri 18 Oct 13 @ 4:38 am
Please help... I cant install virtual dj on my laptop windows7 32bit it says videocard not support help me plase...

Posted Thu 24 Nov 16 @ 2:26 am
How do i download the beginner bdc 3000drivers for my Mac Pro. My crossfader is not working. Im using VJDJ 8 Please help.

Posted Sat 13 Jan 18 @ 2:27 am
The BCD3000 is a Behringer product. Any drivers that it may require should be available from the Behringer web site.

Posted Sat 13 Jan 18 @ 7:42 am