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I think this would be the single most useful app in the days of modern DJ ing!

Imagine a spotify subscription for Djs that made it possible to use the spotify library online or offline to play through Virtual Dj!
Never need to leech or buy anymore tracks for performing!

Maybe at a extra premium price, but imagine what it´s worth for a dj to not having to buy all single tracks that he wish to play!

So you guys at Virtual Dj, get in touch with the spotify team and try to make this happen!

Posted Sun 14 Mar 10 @ 5:55 am
never heard of it.. what does it do? is it like Napster or something?

Posted Sun 14 Mar 10 @ 1:13 pm
jimmy bPRO InfinityMember since 2007

Posted Sun 14 Mar 10 @ 3:47 pm
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
is it just mp3's i can't get into the site to see if there are vids on offer. to look round you need an invite.

Posted Sun 14 Mar 10 @ 7:05 pm
I've requested Spotify integration before.
It's great for finding new music.
But I'd really like it for one off plays as a posed to Netsearch, at least you can be sure of quality.
I'd happily pay a subscription for that.


Posted Sun 14 Mar 10 @ 8:25 pm
is it just mp3's i can't get into the site to see if there are vids on offer. to look round you need an invite.

Spotify streams music to your computer, It comes in 2 versions, free and premium.

To the free version you need to get an invite. (Try googling get spotify invite) The free version plays commercials every now and then between tracks, the premium version doesn´t.

For roughly 12$ a mounth you ge the premium version. In premium you can download the music to your computer (only plays in spotify player though) so you wont actually need a broadband connection to listen to your music.

The thing with spotify is that the masuc library is HUGE. Every major record company publishes record,s and the öibrary is growing woth thousands of tracks every day. Recently, even underground (especially elctronic) labels has begun to publish music as well.

This is definitely the future in music distribution, and if the guys at the Swedish founded company Spotify play their cards well, Spotify will become the No.1 of music streaming services shortly!

Posted Mon 15 Mar 10 @ 8:19 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
I read on the link Jim gave for wiki it's now run by Sony, as long as they keep there prices at a sensible rate for DJ's who lets face it in directly promote their goods it should work out ok, better still a reduced rate for us DJ's... lol

So as it is now we would pay spotify a monthly rate to find the tracks on there site, then we pay £0.99p to download the mp3, do you know if there will be videos available in the future as I've seen no mention of this format.

Posted Mon 15 Mar 10 @ 9:18 am
I'm still not getting why Atomix would want to integrate this??

Napster is in a lot more countries and is only $10 per month ($5 UK), wouldnt that make more sense?

actually the "holy Grail" would be Itunes LOL , but Itunes doesnt have a "subscription unlimited downloads" that I know of.

Posted Mon 15 Mar 10 @ 4:05 pm
JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008
I bought several karaoke tracks from iTunes store and they didn't work at all, I put in a support ticket and just got my refund letter, oh well back to the local store for a ripping feat.


Posted Mon 15 Mar 10 @ 4:34 pm
to be able to use Spotify on virtualDJ would be absolutely awesome. I know you have a subscription for Soundshark for Netsearch but as a lot more people will be Spotify Premium members and if you could incorporate this option it would be brilliant.

Posted Sat 10 Sep 11 @ 5:38 am
DJ PlumPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Is there any new advancement to use Spotify in Virtual DJ? I just bought the Premium account on spotify and trying to figure out how I can get the offline files to work on virtual DJ. It says I can hold 10,000 songs at a time. I like spotify because its instant playback, always good quality, and works good with itunes as well. Virtual DJ has to wing itself off Net search because there is either a lag in play on some songs or terrible quality. I moved my spotify cache into the virtual DJ folder but nothing. Just trying to see if anyone knows anything about making these two programs work together thanks.

Posted Sat 10 Sep 11 @ 9:11 pm
Q-pointPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Hi Pshychonauten!

This feature is already available but with Grooveshark instead of Spotify. Try it out if you haven´t done that already. I have just started to use it for a couple of months ago and I really like it.

Posted Sun 11 Sep 11 @ 1:44 pm
Spotify is for personal home use only and cannot be used with 3rd party applications including VirtualDJ. It will only work with the official Spotify website and/or official Spotify applications.

Likewise, a normal Grooveshark account cannot be used with VirtualDJ. It is personal home use, not for live DJ'ing use.

To use NetSearch, you will need to purchase a Premium Membership:

To avoid bad quality files, make sure that you choose Grooveshark verified files where available (Those with a green tick on the globe icon.) Other files are user contributed and the quality may vary (Always pre-listen first to check that it's OK.)

Posted Sun 11 Sep 11 @ 5:17 pm
I just DJay'd a party this past saturday, I had Spotify and Virtual DJ running side by side. I did not know about the bad quality files on Netsearch, but the rest of the songs were on point. Now when the older crowd went in to eat, I had a father and son ask do I have an old Temptations record called Masterpiece. My first reaction was yes. I sat at the laptop qued it up in Virtual DJ told him to come and listen. The man almost shed a tear, he said he had not heard that song in 30 years. He told his wife and other children that he finally heard that record. I have a future customer based on that one aspect alone. Thanks Virtual DJ......I'm hooked.

Posted Mon 12 Sep 11 @ 4:08 pm
I would use Spotify and Grooveshark they are both great programs.

Posted Mon 12 Sep 11 @ 4:09 pm
This would be an amazing integration... Spotify's selection is far more vast than Grooveshark(I do like grooveshark). 16 million+ songs and growing rapidly every day. Just recently released in the states. IMO, this is going to be the Facebook of music(in the growth sense). I'm willing to bet a ton of apps/programs will integrate Spotify in the next 6 months...they released their API about a month ago, so it is possible in Virtual(I would think)

Posted Fri 23 Sep 11 @ 6:19 pm
I would like to play the spotifiy music thru V DJ or similar dj program.

Posted Sun 09 Oct 11 @ 5:18 am
Now that Spotify has also exploded in the US... it seems like a plugin for Spotify would be a game winner for VDJ...

Posted Fri 21 Oct 11 @ 3:18 pm
The ability to play songs from Spotify through Virtual DJ would be so increadibly cool......

Posted Fri 11 Nov 11 @ 6:11 am
d33ffLE userMember since 2011
Hear hear! Spotify Premium rocks. Will there be a plugin available for VDJ soon?

Posted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 10:36 am
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