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Topic: Video Recording Error

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Has a fix for the video recording been found. I'm using Windows Vista. When I try to record my video mixes, I get the Codec not found error. I downloaded and installed K-Lite Codecs. What's next????


Posted Tue 23 Feb 10 @ 8:19 pm
This wasn't a solution for me, but it DID help. Go to divx.com and download divx 7 and use that codec. I don't get a codec not found error now but i still can't get it to run fluidly now, but it works on my windows XP laptop so you may have better luck than me. Can't hurt to try. Hope it helps bro.

Posted Wed 24 Feb 10 @ 5:43 am
DMX Control. Is VDJ 6.0.5 able to work with a DMX controller/software? If so, which one.

Mixmaster T-Bone

Posted Wed 24 Feb 10 @ 10:36 pm
mixmastertbone wrote :
DMX Control. Is VDJ 6.0.5 able to work with a DMX controller/software? If so, which one.

1.) hijacking other peoples threads is considered bad manners.
2.) multiple posting the same questions DOES NOT get you quicker answers, it can actually make people NOT want to respond.


Posted Thu 25 Feb 10 @ 8:42 pm
Get xvid and install

get the registry tool from on here, and run it after you install xvid

click "select codec" button, choose xvid.

while you're there at the select xvid from the list box..there's an options box, click it, not sure, but you are looking for a check-box that says "show-progress" or similar, UN-CHECK this box.

Now go and try record.

You may have to go back to the registry editor and do the whole process a couple of times before it works

Posted Sat 27 Feb 10 @ 7:48 am

I wasnt hacking the thread, I missed posted it.

Posted Mon 01 Mar 10 @ 9:41 pm
I have the divx codec already instaled, -
them I opened the registry tool, -
them on movie recording box I press select codec, -
them on the dropdown menu I DONT SEE divx codec to Select it so I dont know How to select the divx codec on the registry tool can U help

Posted Tue 09 Mar 10 @ 7:31 pm
Use the registry tool to select DIVX 6.8.5 logical 1. After that when you go to movie recording under config box you will have to manually type in DIVX in the codec box. After that go to VDJ configuration and go to the codecs tab. click on divx and change the decoder to Windows Mediaplayer decoder. Hope this works for you as it did for me.

Posted Wed 10 Mar 10 @ 3:44 am
i've gotten as far as recording the video, but is still choppy. the pc i'm using should have no problem with the recording. any ideas on how to record a smoother video?

Posted Thu 08 Jul 10 @ 10:57 pm
AdvokutPRO InfinityMember since 2010
good tutorial, will try it later. hope this solves my problem of beeing unable to record.

How good is the quality/resolution of the recording with the divx codec? thx in advance

Posted Thu 26 Aug 10 @ 8:14 pm
I have downloaded the K-Lite Codecs as well as the DivX ones and im still having issues.

I have seen that people have a select codec option in the Registry tool...? I dont see one..

I download the Registry tool and hit apply. Then go into Config in VDJ and change the divx codec to Windows Media Player and try to record and its choppy and the sound doesnt match up with the video. Ill record like 1 minute of video. And when i go to watch it played back, the audio will be done in 30 seconds and the remainder of the video will be slow laggy video with no audio..


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If i play videos in VDJ without recording it all works fine....


Posted Thu 23 Dec 10 @ 11:01 am
I have gotten as far as starting to record the video using the instructions but after 20 seconds of playing vdj abruptly crashes giving me an option to recover send report or shut down my pc is well up to to the job 4 core processor 4gb ram and 1gb graphics. I have spent hours trying to get this working using many options xvid divx 7 pro but it still dont work, Im using win xp anyone any ideas

Posted Wed 02 Mar 11 @ 10:47 am
I'm trying to record my mixes using "Recording" Option to create a ".wav" File but all what I monitored on my headphones appear on the recording, even when I move fader all to active channel, I put not active channel on zero vol. any Idea? what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for all support

I'm using Numark Mixdek (2 channels + Ipod channel) and SW is Virtual DJ Version LE 7.0.2 LE (b353)

Posted Sun 12 May 13 @ 11:46 pm

Posted Mon 13 May 13 @ 7:31 am

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