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Topic: Is the AA Radius 3000 compatible with VDJ 6.0.5? [YES] - Page: 1
dwainPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I am having an issue with the radius 3000, i was told that the 3000 is natively supported by VDJ, but its not showing in the mapper....just say simple midi wrapper.....what can i it not install properly on my

Posted Tue 19 Jan 10 @ 5:30 pm
How do you like the radius 3000. I'm about to buy them, but I would also like a response to the same question?

I know that the 1000's are fully compatible, but any words on the 3000's?

Posted Tue 19 Jan 10 @ 5:44 pm
I have one more question about the Radius 3000. Currently, I'm using the American Audio CDI300 and the torq connectiv interface, and cd timecodes to run Virtual Dj. With the Radius 3000, would I need to use and interface as well, or can I just plug them from my computer to the CDI, and from the CDI to my mixer and be able to control virtual dj?

Posted Wed 20 Jan 10 @ 10:12 am
Hi I have used VirtualDJ for years now and it's great.

I have just got 2 ADJ Radius 3000. I cannot get them to talk to VDJ.

I have them working with Traktor, but I wanna used VJD.

I have downloaded the mapping from the tools. I have turned the machine on and put in midi mode before starting VDJ but nothing.

I have also tried that Miditrace thing and it showed it the I clicked send and still nothing.

Please help me I have a gig on Thursday and need to get this sorted



Posted Sat 23 Jan 10 @ 7:09 pm
austindj69 wrote :
I have also tried that Miditrace thing and it showed it the I clicked send and still nothing.

If you are not getting a response from the MIDITrace program then it doesn't seem like they are in MIDI mode ...

Do they show in the 2 boxes on the right of the MIDITrace window?
Did you highlight them before pressing send ?
Did you try them individually instead of both at the same time?

What O/S are you running ?

Posted Sat 23 Jan 10 @ 7:14 pm
dwainPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Same thing 2 radius 3000 and not reading with VDJ...i have Vista ultimate and windows with old VDJ 5.2.1 with the mapper for radius 1000...but not in the update version of VDJ6.0.5...i put machine's in midi mode and nothing, also try individual machine at a time, still no response, i download the mapper from tools and it still not showing and reading in VDJ.....BUT VDJ those read it as a MIDI Mapper where i have to map it myself.....i thought radius 3000 was natively support by VDJ...even the custume mapper not reading, only if i map my own buttons..that sucks...HELP

Posted Sat 23 Jan 10 @ 10:11 pm
I guess I'll wait for this small glitch to be fixed before I buy my 3000's.

Posted Sat 23 Jan 10 @ 10:32 pm
The Radius 3000s are natively supported ... and if you read the posts above they explain 'why' you may not be seeing them.

We can not account for changes the manufacture makes via firmware upgrades if they don't inform us. That is why the corrections above were made and made available for download. And the modified definition will be added to the next VirtualDJ release.

So, if they are not being recognized ... please follow the steps mentioned above and provide some feedback so we can better the definition for better recognition of the device.

Thanks ...

Posted Sun 24 Jan 10 @ 3:07 am
Just downloaded new patch and . . . . . .

It works perfectly!!! :-)

Thank you so much for your help on this.

Another happy VDJ user :-)

Posted Sun 24 Jan 10 @ 4:11 pm
dwainPRO InfinityMember since 2003
what new patch and where to get it austin.......

Posted Mon 25 Jan 10 @ 11:23 pm
Hi Mate

The nice guys at VDJ have updated the original mapping so it will now work.

You can get to it from here:

Or via the tools menu on this site.

Hope you have fun.

I used my decks for the first time last Friday and Saturday and they are fantastic!! DO so much and work perfectly with VDJ.

The other thing I like is you can customize the mapping to change keys around to the way you work on the key learn function.

Have a play.

Just make sure you turn on the Decks put them in Midi and then turn on VDJ. otherwie it don\'t work.

This is my kit from a gig last weekend. (The case is still under construction! I will post new picture when I finish)

I am using the Numark USB mixer and it's great as everything is just plug and play.

Posted Tue 02 Feb 10 @ 6:47 pm
So then, all you need is the AA Radius 3000, and you do not need an interface right?

All I need, is to plug in the radius 3000 to my laptop, and from the radius to the mixer and I'm set?

Posted Wed 03 Feb 10 @ 1:02 am
do the leds and text work on these ??

Posted Wed 03 Feb 10 @ 7:55 am
As far as I'm aware you would still need an interface since they don't come with built in sound cards. If you see American Audios official video on youtube you will see them using the American Audio Versa Port sound card. This is mentioned at the 6 minute mark of the youtube video bellow.

dj ho productions wrote :
So then, all you need is the AA Radius 3000, and you do not need an interface right?

All I need, is to plug in the radius 3000 to my laptop, and from the radius to the mixer and I'm set?

Posted Wed 03 Feb 10 @ 11:01 am
I was hoping for them to be like the pioneer 400's, in which you plug them via usb to your computer, and then the rca audio cables to your mixer and you're set. No interface required.

Posted Wed 03 Feb 10 @ 12:51 pm
The Radius 3000 needs to be plugged in via an interface or you could do like me and go for a mixer with USB built in and it's as easy as that.

I have the Numark CM200USB but the new version is called a C3USB have a look. approx around £200.0 in UK give or take.

And to answer another question. The led display does not work for text on the Radius 300 when in Midi mode. But you will have the laptop in front of you so not a major problem.

If I can help anyone else please just ask.

These are great decks and well worth investing in.

Posted Fri 12 Feb 10 @ 5:32 pm
mattpattie wrote :
do the leds and text work on these ??

Hmmmmmm......Do they? Wanted to know the same.

Posted Sat 13 Feb 10 @ 6:09 pm
Oh! I see ya Austin.

Posted Sat 13 Feb 10 @ 6:10 pm
djtruerPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I bought a set of Radius 1000 with an American DJ Mixer and want to use VDJ.
Do you thing I would have a problem connecting them?
Can I just connected them to my laptop and be able to play using the midi?
Would I need something like Maya 44? or something similar for the sound?
Your help is greatly appreciated

Posted Fri 19 Feb 10 @ 1:45 am
yep u need a soundcard

Posted Sat 20 Feb 10 @ 1:46 am
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