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fekyoHome userMember since 2007
who's into it? any how do you get on mixing with vdj?

Posted Sun 10 Jan 10 @ 5:15 pm
Hey check out the artist broken note, Supa ill dubstep.

Posted Tue 12 Jan 10 @ 6:49 pm
To mix dudstep you would be in about the 90bpm range.

Posted Tue 12 Jan 10 @ 6:51 pm
I actually noticed vdj tends to throw the bpm for dupstep way up in the 140 range. Don't knwo why but its pretty annoying.

Posted Wed 13 Jan 10 @ 10:46 pm
fekyoHome userMember since 2007
dubstep IS 140bpm.....

Posted Thu 14 Jan 10 @ 2:49 pm
Yeah dubstep is a bit more.. difficult to mix on VDJ if you don't use external gear or have the ability to prelisten.
ever made your own dubstep? it's done at 140 bpm. the wobbles, basslines and highs reflect that, the claps and kicks however are generally every 4th to 8th beat etc.

sick genre regardless.

Posted Fri 15 Jan 10 @ 11:17 am
Lots of people have been asking me for dubstep lately, who are some good artists I should check out?

Posted Sat 30 Jan 10 @ 6:11 pm
someone once said that dubstep sounds like a fart trapped in metallic pants...i laughed

i can take it for about 15-20 minutes...

Posted Sat 06 Feb 10 @ 10:09 am

Posted Tue 16 Feb 10 @ 8:51 am
ciggyboHome userMember since 2009
ive been using vdj for almost a year now and im still mixing dubstep more than any other genre. i find it reasonably easy to learn coz of the speed (138-142bpm).
most of my dubstep tracks are usually beatmapped already too which is helpful if you want to use the sync option.
im still yet to make a killer mix coz i usually go for like 30min or so and start going a bit dizzy and end up making mistakes with crossfades.
im gettin better though which is the main thing.
the biggest trouble im having is fading out the track when i drop in a new one.
some mp3s are at different volumes whether its from the quality or just the recording its noticeable when you listen on a big system.
i try to only stick to 320 and 192kbps mp3s with rarely anything under that especially if im recording which i usually tend to do in 192kbps mp3 then take it to soundforge to touch it up.
i might also add that i dont use any external devices nor do i use the lame "effects" vdj offers.
i keep it plain and simple most the time.
my faves for mixing are artists like rusko, caspa, distance, truth, optimus gryme, trolley snatcha, nero, sukh knight, organikismness, kryptic minds, evil, bulletproof, chasing shadows.
im finding new stuff all the time and often when on the piss me and my bro take turns on the mix and do several songs each and swap back.
(this gets fairly difficult after a few too many beers and can end up sounding terrible with all sorts of breaks and beat skips and even a bit of pantera for good measure).

who else mixes dubstep with vdj?

Posted Wed 24 Feb 10 @ 5:53 am
Dubstep is one of my favorite genres to use with VDJ. I've just started using CDJ within the last year, but to me, it's been one of the easiest genres to use when learning how to mix.

I usually leave the crossfader at about 1/4 on either side of the deck that is playing, bring down the level of the cued track, drop the bass down just a tad on the cued track and use sync to bring the two tracks together...slowly move the crossfade to 1/4 position on mixed track, increase volume level on mixed track while decreasing level on played track and then fade in bass.

The thing I like about dubstep is that often times, the vocals are at the intro of tracks and the outro is standard instrumental, like techno/house/etc. This allows you to get a good mix of vocals on the cued track over the top of the outro...and if bass is low on the cued track, the vocals really stand out and makes for a good mix.

Given, dubstep is not a genre for everyone. I happen to like it, but it can grow a little dull unless you're playing for a group that is interested in listening to it.

As for dubstep artists...check out Skream, Excision, Datsik...or just go to Beatport and check out their dubstep collection. Hard to go wrong.

Posted Wed 24 Feb 10 @ 10:46 am
ciggyboHome userMember since 2009
thanks for the pointers on the xfading bro. ill give that a whirl.
you are right.... only a selected few of my friends like dubstep so i just tell the others to shutup and get used to it.
the other thing i quite like about mixing dubstep is because of the similar bpm you can mix in some breakbeats to speed it up for a bit.

Posted Wed 24 Feb 10 @ 2:24 pm

Posted Mon 19 Apr 10 @ 11:36 pm
DdsplixHome userMember since 2011
were can i get the dubstep download?

Posted Fri 27 May 11 @ 7:49 pm
Here are my recorded sets with dubstep. You can sorta get a feel for how it is to mix it.
Some general info: I use VDJ pro and a mixtrack pro. Started mixing last FEB and have played around 6 parties. These are my only recorded sets.

This was my first time I had recorded a set and been given free reign with music choice. I think it is just alright.

This was from last Friday at an end-of-the-year underwear party. I like it better than the first one

I sincerely appreciate any feedback you have to give me. Dont be afraid to hurt my feelings! I am very eager to learn.

Thank you!

Posted Fri 27 May 11 @ 8:04 pm

Posted Sat 28 May 11 @ 5:37 pm
tired mixing wasnt that hard to mix and yeah im loving dubstep more wonder if it could be played at parties where people only loves to jump and dance

Posted Tue 31 May 11 @ 12:52 pm
Dubstep is defo about 140bpm.....


Posted Mon 13 Jun 11 @ 7:01 pm
how can i get dubstep ?

Posted Wed 06 Jul 11 @ 10:26 am
how do you get it to 140 bpm?

Posted Wed 13 Jul 11 @ 9:00 pm
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