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Topic: Mash-ups
dj_cashPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Hello guys.. Can U say two songs (like one instrumental and one acapella) wich are perfect to mix?
If U have one instrumental and one acapella U can made a mash-up :D and I love them... any tip about songs wich sounds good together?
(hmm, sorry for the bad english)

Dj Cash

Posted Tue 26 Apr 05 @ 8:22 pm
they need to fit HARMONICALLY....

thats the #1 thing

read more about mash-ups and how to make, and harmonics at:

Posted Tue 26 Apr 05 @ 8:46 pm
First: Take two songs. Listen to the whole song. Do they have the same type of bass line? Do the breaks come at the same time? Do the chorus lines sound similar?
Second: Get the acapellas and instrumentals of two similar songs and test them to see if they sound right(harmonics).
Third: Make sure that your vocals are in sync(audibly) with the instrumentals. Then mix.

Hint-50 Cent's songs are all interchangable. The bass drums are similar. Same goes for most of Eminem's songs.

Hope this helps a little. Check the VDJ Radio schedule from time to time and when I am mixing Hip Hop, I mix like that alot.


Posted Wed 27 Apr 05 @ 1:29 am
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
dj maddsound - True Mash-ups are what dj-in-norway is describing as harmonic mixing. Songs in key reguardless of genre.

Check out these sites: -- Click on Download Other Artists Music

There is one other good site but they are experiencing band width issues -

Also, one of our club DJs does them LIVE. If you have never listened to 2 - 3 hrs of straight mashing then you haven't heard anything, yet! For example - live mash of Eye of the Tiger and Milkshake?

Any how, check out the sites and there are links to others.


Posted Thu 28 Apr 05 @ 4:17 am
Yeah I know Cstroll. That's why I didn't use the word "mash-up". Because what DJ Cash is asking about is remixing tracks. This isn't the first time that he has asked about this before. He simply wants to know how to add acapellas to instrumentals. But thanks for clarifing that up because I don't want to confuse anyone.


Posted Thu 28 Apr 05 @ 7:09 pm
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
@dj maddsound -- No problem, after reading back through the post... I jumped the gun. Thanks for the straighten' out.


Posted Fri 29 Apr 05 @ 8:39 am
title of thread is "Mash-ups"

so, i guess thats what he wants to make :)

Posted Fri 29 Apr 05 @ 2:38 pm

Posted Wed 14 Sep 05 @ 1:52 am
paxxsHome userMember since 2005
hi guys can virtualdj give an instrumental as well as an acapella

Posted Wed 05 Oct 05 @ 3:57 pm
dj_cashPRO InfinityMember since 2004
it depends on wich song it is...

Posted Sat 15 Oct 05 @ 4:44 pm
My definition of "Mash-up" is a bit different. I usually try to incorporate the chorus of the original song with the acapella of the new song.

This guy has it down well and is on the radio I'm sure you've all heard the Jay Z -vs_ Linkin Park - 99 problems??

Posted Mon 17 Oct 05 @ 11:19 pm
make sure your songs are at high bitrate. low bitrate could cause crappy problems.

Posted Fri 19 Mar 10 @ 8:23 pm
oh yeah and one more other thing i forgot to mention! PRACTICE YOUR ASS OFF! YOU GOTTA PUT IN THE TIME! THIS SHIT DONT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT YA DIG.

Posted Fri 19 Mar 10 @ 8:31 pm