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Topic: Is it Big in Europe?
I was just wondering if Virtual DJ is one of the leading programs in Europe as far as djing? It seems like here in the US the two main programs used in clubs and just used period are Final Scratch and Serato Scratch Live. I've tried both, but I love VDJ and TCV much more than those two...but it still seems that those two are the leads as far as what MOST people use. What about Europe?

Posted Mon 21 Feb 05 @ 10:49 pm
I'm in england and have never seen a dj use mp3 software in a club always cd or vinyl

Posted Tue 22 Feb 05 @ 12:15 am
al0000PRO InfinityMember since 2004
Clubs? No.

I've only seen BPM Studio.

PCDJ & VirtualDJ are the top ones here in Greece

Posted Tue 22 Feb 05 @ 1:19 am
I've seen *one* laptop, don't know which program. It was used by Röyksopp during a DJ-set together with Rob Da Bank (Sunday Best/RadioOne UK) on a Sunday Best night (on a, er... Friday-night) so that has got to count for something. Dj Hell is also using traktor (that for sure counts for something, (that using a laptop is OK that is, not that Traktor is the best prog. We all know that it isn't.)).

Posted Tue 22 Feb 05 @ 4:30 am
I'm in England too.

I've seen a couple of clubs using MP3 mixing software, one (a nightclub in Windosr) was using PCDJ (although not on their main dance floor), the other club's software i didn't regonise, maybe because of the skin they were using (definitley wasn't VDJ)

I've also noticed alot of bars/pubs (which have dance floors) are beginning to use MP3 mixing software.

Posted Tue 22 Feb 05 @ 1:37 pm
In france, at La Rochelle, there is a club who's using D-Vinyl 2020. Bad choice, I said them!

Posted Tue 22 Feb 05 @ 1:41 pm
al0000 >>>SORRY I know you are Greek BUT.... you said CLUBS NO????

Where do you live??? men????



Posted Tue 22 Feb 05 @ 7:45 pm
actually i have seen 1 bar using mp3 software (never seen the software before) but they no longer use it

Posted Wed 23 Feb 05 @ 12:09 am
im in the UK too,

i've been to many bars..and seen many (bad) programs, from people using OTS Juke! (one of the worst things to grace the land of audio) to people using FlashMX based mp3 players :rolleyes:

are these people for real???

i've used VDJ in a club with the TCV, and it set some eyes open, i may have even tempted a few people to try DJ'ing for themselves =D

More the merrier i always say =D

Posted Wed 23 Feb 05 @ 10:56 am
Man-TkPRO InfinityMember since 2004
my friend :
I use vdj with turnatables too ....but Ots dj it s a very good program ..maybe not for club but is amazing for pubs , in a bar you don t need a turntable .

Posted Wed 23 Feb 05 @ 12:21 pm
Man-TkPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Is it Big In Europe ? The answer is NO . FS always win because It was the first one and because many famous djs use it .

Is Vdj the best ? Yes , no doubt

if vdj is the best ,why famous djs don't use it? Because they dont know it .and maybe because they want more simplicity , maybe a software with a hardware
like Fs and Serato .A dj who wins 2.000 euros in 2 hs
don t want tu use a 100 euros software .

Posted Wed 23 Feb 05 @ 12:35 pm
I'm Italian and I can say that Italian djs still prefer Turntable and cdj;
I've seen only Visual Disco Mix in a club and the set was good!
A friend of mine uses Hercules consolle in club, but here digital djs are still few.

Posted Wed 23 Feb 05 @ 1:47 pm
ManTk, you daid: "if vdj is the best ,why famous djs don't use it?"

I believe it is mainly because the VDJ team needs to out there and pay these people to advertise for VDJ and use it. That is just how hit goes. Of course, they will have to like it (which they WILL), but for the most part, these famous DJ's want to get paid for promoting it.

Money talks. I swear, if they could get Funkmaster Flex, DJ Qbert, or another really famous dj to sponsor it, the sales would skyrocket! Just my .02 cents...


Posted Wed 23 Feb 05 @ 5:52 pm
I have been a user of VDJ for a while now and though it's been a very long time since I stepped inside of a Club I still must add that Digital DJs are the new in thing. I myself first started out like any DJ on real life Turntables but since that time life have changed and so do People. It's all about being Digital in the World we live in Today and I must say that my top two runners are Virtual DJ and Traktor Scratch Professional, Especially with this new version of Virtual DJ Professional with up to a whopping "Six" Tables. The only thing I see that Atomix left off on Virtual DJ is when you are Running the Echo and Cue or even Pause that Track you are Spinning the Echo stops with it. This will mess up a great Mix very quickly. Also when you try and Spin the Track back yourself it is very, very tight unlike it is in Traktor Scratch Professional. These are two areas that Atomix need to address their upcoming editions. I want to be able to turn that Echo in and out and still have Echo until it plays out like a real life Echo Chamber do and like Traktor Scratch Pro do, I want to be able to end a Track with a Echo and bring in the next Track on Deck. Virtual DJ is missing all of this. And with the new version 7 it would be a total Master Piece if it had them along side much bigger Wheels of course. And there are a few Celebrity DJs that use Virtual DJ Professional. It's the best when it comes to doing a Remix on the Fly. I would like to see more of the Major Celebrities using it though such as FunkMaster Flex and DJ Clue and others. Gotta Love the way Atomix laced this thing out being a mixture between Keyboard and Mouse. Even the Right Key and Wheel getting in on the Mix. And the F1 - F12 Keys are a added plus when you have stuff in your Sampler that you want to Activate on the Fly like for me hitting F7 and hearing "DJ High Tek, In the Mix" is right on time Especially since I didn't have to switch over to my Sampler to do all of this, Just hit a Key and it's there.

Posted Thu 28 Oct 10 @ 1:14 pm
Dude you brougt up a 5 year old thread, lmao!! How'd you find it?


Posted Thu 28 Oct 10 @ 2:33 pm
I saw one from 2003 the other week!

Posted Thu 28 Oct 10 @ 2:58 pm
Most clubs in the Uk use serato setups

Posted Thu 28 Oct 10 @ 3:22 pm
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
are they any good.... ?

Posted Thu 28 Oct 10 @ 3:37 pm
90% of the Dj's in Puerto Rico, ranging from clubs, mobile to bed room dj's use VDJ. That's how strong VDJ is in Puerto Rico.

Posted Thu 28 Oct 10 @ 3:38 pm