Q: When I load a song on to a deck, only part of the songs waveform is displayed. As I play the song, more of it is shown as the song progresses. How do I fix this?

By default, VirtualDJ 8 will automatically determine how much of a song is loaded into memory. This is to avoid computers with more limited memory from running out if the user were to load a long song (ex. 2 hour mix.) Songs that are longer will be streamed directly from disk, resulting in the song's waveform only being partially displayed. As the song progresses, the missing parts of the song will be filled in as they are loaded from the disk.

If you prefer to have the song fully loaded to the deck and your computer has more than enough memory to compensate for the increased performance, it can be changed in VirtualDJ's settings:

In VirtualDJ open Settings Options and be sure that Show advanced options is checked in the upper left corner. Simply type preload (or any variation of the setting) into the search bar to display the option for maxPreloadLength. You will then be able to enter the desired length (in minutes) into the box beside the setting. If you wish for every file to preload regardless of length, you can optionally set the value to -1. Once completed, simply exit out of the settings menu.

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