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Q: When I download and try to install a plugin, my anti-virus software tells me that it is infected with a virus.

This is normally a 'false positive' from your anti-virus software and is usually due to the file that you are downloading having an unknown or insufficient reputation with your anti-virus software provider. This is because the file is not commonly downloaded by other users of your anti-virus software.

This is very common for Norton anti-virus, which is very 'trigger happy' and often falsely reports legitimate software as containing viruses.

All plugins in our official plugin download area are thoroughly tested for viruses and other malicious software before they are published.

Reputation warnings for software and files that you are downloading from well known and trusted websites such as VirtualDJ can be ignored in most cases. You should only be concerned when you are downloading a file from a less well known and/or potentially untrustworthy source or an actual named virus is found.

NOTE: Plugins obtained from 3rd party sources (Not from our official plugin download area) could be infected in some cases, especially VirtualDJ plugins that are only available to registered licensed users and have been shared illegally without the author's permission on external websites (Warez, etc.)

Please ensure that you only install VirtualDJ plugins from our official plugin download area. If your license doesn't entitle you to download, please support the software and its future development by purchasing a licensed version that will allow you to download the plugins that you wish to use.

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