VirtualDJ 8.1 Pre-Release

BUILD 2550
-Shazam integration
-Improved cloudlist features
-Fix empty picture sometimes when video is loaded but busy seeking
-Fix empty picture sometimes after seeking video back to beginning
-Allow RPM to be set to '4 beats' so that one rotation takes exactly 4 beats
-Prevent song from stopping when loop is set past the end of the song
-Saved loop commands with no parameter now act on the first saved loop slot
-Can no longer save a loop with ID 0
-Fix vdj edit not loading completely
-Some extra checks to prevent some rare crashes
-Fix regression causing HID encoder on cdj's to stop working correctly
-Fix windows xp compatibility
-Shazam folder first seen date correctly set
-Copy length/bpm when match is found in local database for shazam
-Remove remix brackets on search to find local results when remix is in remix field
-Import facebook cookies before loading shazam login page, otherwise login to facebook has to be clicked twice
-Ensure shazam login browser window fits on screen
-Fix file deletion on mac os x 10.7

BUILD 2559
-Allow shazam folder to be re-ordered
-Loop position remains quantized when automatically moved whilst quantize_loop and loopAutoMove are both enabled
-Fix some rare crashes when refreshing the effect list
-Fix crash when dragging a delimiter from cover flow
-Fix video editor crash
-Fix some WASAPI driver close crashes
-Fix memory leak when aborting song load of a non-analyzed song
-Fix config window saying 'not logged in' when user was logged in but had no user name (google login)
-Fix sound setup showing warning triangle when user has Plus license and external mixer output, even though license supports it
-Fix shazam folder endless download loop when results are empty
-Small performance improvement querying plugin state
-Fix possible ASIO crash when ASIO samplerate is different from internal samplerate
-Fix core audio crash when core audio samplerate is different from internal samplerate
-Fix crash using controller to switch through browser lists

BUILD 2566
-Remember plugin variation/type when refreshing effect list
-Fix shazam login blocking for 2 seconds while waiting for other process
-Add support for jog wheel enable bit for HID controllers (for Pioneer CDJ's)
-Minor performance improvement in database loading
-Fix skin button getting stuck in mouse down state if it closes an effect interface
-Add right-click option to add/remove network drive from database ignore list
-Small effect_active fix
-send remix info on broadcast
-new text formats %titleremix and %artisttitleremix

BUILD 2569
- changed text for shazam login by email
- show first message for GeniusDJ folder
- On/off for HID bar
- Fix small potential crash in timecode page
- prevent shazam login window from popping up when scrolling folders from a controller

BUILD 2575
-Fix various messageboxes stuck behind config window on Mac
-Fix loop_select on encoders when moving very fast (+2/-2 as parameter)
-Fix factory default mapping not selectable
-Fix some possible deadlock issues when song is bigger than expected
-Fix Netsearch Audio
-Fix Netsearch showing chinese results for non-chinese users in netsearch folder
-Shift all cues excludes beatgrid
-New CloudList web-based interface

BUILD 2577
-Fixed reimport of v7 database
-Fix internal skin preview image not showing in config
-Xiami artist filled in more accurately

BUILD 2578
- fix reimport of old v7 database
- reimport only if v8 database more than one week older than v7

BUILD 2582 (2015-11-20) NEW: VirtualDJ 8.1 !
this new version is mostly focused on stability and is a strongly recommended update.
- overall improved stability
- new Shazam integration
- new GeniusDJ folder
- new CloudList with collaborative lists

VirtualDJ 8.1 Official Release

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