VirtualDJ 7.0.5 (07 August 2011)

  • fixes video stream errors
  • added new formats to the video decoder engine
  • support firewire controllers
  • 18 new controllers added
  • fixed opposite chan sync in multi-deck
  • fixed "leftcross off" and "rightcross off" when cross is already assigned to the other side
  • fixed changing vinyl mode/cd mode while touchwheel_touch is kept pressed
  • new action "get beatdiff"
  • new action "effect_select_multi"
  • new midi definition element: <led note="" min="" max="">
  • fixed midi definition element <fulljog pitch="">

VirtualDJ 7.0.5b (17 August 2011) (PC only)

  • fixes crash when playing old Promo Only videos with bad encoded dates

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