VirtualDJ 6.0 (31 May 2009)

Read more about this version HERE

New features:
  • New powerful script language called "VDJscript" (for skins, keyboard shortcuts, controllers' mappings,...)
    (see documentation: http://www.virtualdj.com/wiki/VDJscript.html )

  • New controller support (with better integration of MIDI and HID controllers)
    (see documentation: http://www.virtualdj.com/wiki/ControllerDefinition.html )

  • New Timecode Engine (better accuracy and responsiveness to timecodes)
  • New Internet features: NetSearch & MusicGroups
  • New skin engine (skins can now be resized in real-time)
  • New sampler (with half/double loops on the fly, and automatic jingle or loop mode depending if the rec_out point is almost a loop)
  • Full Unicode compatibility (can display Japanese/Russian/... characters without problems)

  • Timecode detection is now adapted to the signal in real-time
  • New timecode mode "relative 2000Hz"
  • New option 'noise LP filter'

Skin changes:
  • New VirtualDJ6 skin (using the new script engine)
  • Skins without a "version=6.0" in the header will continue to use the old syntax
  • New skin element: <onload action=""/>
  • New skin element: <scratchwave>
  • New skin option: <tooltip>blabla</tooltip> inside <button> and <slider> elements on skins xml

  • Improved video engine (more video codecs are now being played by the internal video decoder)
  • New v6 database using UTF-8 (for Unicode compatibility)
  • Bigger settings window with new options
  • New tooltips in settings window
  • Can change the language on the fly (in the skin window)
  • Can now pick an action directly from a button in the skin, when you are in the mapper window.
  • Progressive pitchbend (limited to +/- 25%)
  • 14-bit MIDI support
  • New video options "keep_ratio (crop)" and "keep_ratio (full)"
  • New video transition: "grid"
  • Read tags from .mov and .mp4
  • Reduced range of equalizers (to prevent saturation when put to max)
  • Gain knob now goes up only to +7.5dB (new action "power_gain" can goes up to +30dB like v5 gain).
  • BPM analysis now sets up bitrate
  • Registry entry: iTunesFolder
  • Added new decoder for codec: "General Internal Audio". Should be used instead of quicktime for .m4a
  • New columns in browser: "Bmp Diff" and "Key Diff", usefull to sort by more compatible to less compatible songs.
  • New filter-folder options: "insearchdb", "ispresent", "bpmdiff", "keydiff"
  • autocrossfade-length setting used in automix if not tempo or cut
  • Got rid of the infamous smiley face
  • New sound effect 'echo'

New actions:
  • 'get' + ...
  • 'fader_start' (starts the song when crossfader or volume fader is moved)
  • 'gain_slider', 'volume_slider', 'crossfader_slider'
  • 'slider_relative', 'gain_relative', ...
  • 'param_invert', 'param_add', 'param_multiply'
  • 'set_bpm': "set_bpm 123.4" or "set_bpm 200%"
  • 'headphone_gain'
  • 'crossfader_curve'
  • 'loop_double', 'loop_half'
  • Check the action list in the mapper window (or look in english.xml in Languages/) for more.

Bug fixes:
  • fixed m4a with foreign characters
  • fixed serato crates
  • fixed video jump on directX 11
  • fixed genre tag on m4a files
  • fixed freeze on some nvidia cards (needs to put nVidiaFreezeBug to 1 in the registry).
  • fixed automix silence if bad tempo endpoint
  • fixed droping in virtualfolder from search
  • fixed auto_crossfade in safe mode

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