VirtualDJ 6.0.7 (7 March 2010)

  • video engine optimization
  • many new controllers added
  • automatically select best skin fitting your screen resolution
  • don't display netsearch results that are blocked in your country
  • enhanced tracking for motorized wheels (S3700, HS5500, NS7, V7)
  • enhanced latency for highdef wheels (CDJ400, CDJ900, CD2000)
  • show history playlists from recent to older
  • bpmdiff now uses the deck's pitch modifications
  • pressing play after cue keeps playing (pioneer's way)
  • freeframe plugins get slider names and default value, and can display more than 3 sliders
  • fixed 5.1 sound in video files (AC3)
  • fixed dump action
  • fixed clipbank previews
  • fixed virtualfolder_add
  • fixed last seen in minutes when was between 60 to 99 minutes
  • fixed some memory leaks
  • fixed loop_select LEDs
  • new registry hack VideoMemMaxUse
  • added action "get text" without number for single-line displays
  • in MIDI definitions, <fulljog> can use pitch="true"
  • new actions: speedwheel, speedwheel_touch. New item for HID definitions: <jogspeed>
  • fixed multiple LEDs on same MIDI note with different values
  • fixed ccmsb2 in MIDI definitions (fixes DAC2 bpm)
  • new item for MIDI definitions: <text sysex="">

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