VirtualDJ 6.0.5 (20 December 2009)

  • fixed songs disapearing from database
  • fixed invalid folder crash (aka "dump=8b421451")
  • optimized video (fixed freezes)
  • improved preview window (seek)
  • optimized pitch tracker in timecode engine
  • added timecode detection bitmap under main timecode image
  • new playlist option: auto remove played
  • new playlist context menus: mix now, remove
  • fixed pitch_slider on mac
  • fixed mk2 pfl selector on mac
  • fixed clear_search updates list
  • fixed cycle cues on stop
  • fixed skin textzone with rightclick action and multiple texts
  • fixed action loop_select
  • fixed dates "0h ago"
  • added confirmation on folder delete
  • added denon encoding for foreign charset
  • added check for latest hercules drivers
  • added mode 6/2 for Hercules TRIM
  • added soundcard detection for ME100 and ME701SC
  • better detection of known soundcard using USB VID/PID (on PC)

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