VirtualDJ 6.0.3 (10 November 2009)

  • Windows 7 compatible [PC]
  • soundengine quality improved in safemode [PC]
  • can drag and drop files from within virtualdj, by pressing CTRL when dropping over a folder
  • don't add to searchdb files that are not physically present (from itunes, history, playlists, etc)
  • added timecode engine v4
  • optimized memory managment
  • search in greek and russian can use transliteration
  • space in search matches '-' or '_'
  • better layout in the mapper dialog
  • new action: set_gain, preview, loop_button
  • new timecode debug option: smooth pitch
  • new config/option: vinyl mode
  • new folder context menu: create subfolder
  • open in explorer selects the file [PC]
  • open in Finder the selected file [MAC]
  • forced mix starts from the selected transition type's entry point
  • added CDJ-2000, CDJ-900

  • fixed random search crash [PC]
  • fixed random graphic crashes [MAC]
  • fixed crash on v5 skins with v6 actions
  • fixed crash on reload itunes subfolder
  • fixed pops with equalizer and safemode [PC]
  • fixed videos with multiple AC3 tracks
  • fixed "goto -1" to stay in sync
  • fixed set_cue sometimes not saved
  • fixed goto_cue and hotcue when looped to keep the loop
  • fixed headphone_mix in automix
  • fixed no long sort on filedate
  • fixed smart_scratch in reverse mode
  • fixed djc_button_popup
  • fixed sort in playlist reload next track if changed
  • fixed click on coverflow keeps selected song in view
  • fixed fade to black kept if disabled
  • fixed dump can stay stucked
  • fixed volume keys on keyboard for shortcuts [PC]
  • fixed unicode in karaoke zip [PC]
  • fixed unicode in playlist/history [PC]
  • fixed unicode in broadcast infos
  • fixed unicode and accents in search box
  • fixed case insensitive search for unicode chars
  • fixed action learn on mapper page [MAC]
  • fixed missing jogwheel sensitivity (bend) option [MAC]
  • fixed backspace removes songs from playlist [MAC]
  • fixed save soundconfig changes when leaving the page
  • fixed drive column [MAC]
  • fixed stealth and omni mappers
  • fixed ns7 platter speed not correct
  • fixed ns7 sound jumps when beattap or scrolling in songs
  • fixed hercules steel definitions (right stop button)
  • fixed Hercules Trim audio
  • fixed Hercules RMX audio in loopback mode
  • fixed CDJ-400

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