VirtualDJ 5.2 (28 July 2008)

External Devices:
  • Hercules RMX (improved)
  • Denon HS5500
  • Denon S1200
  • Denon HD2500
  • Denon HC4500 (improved)
  • Audiophony Mix
  • Audiophony Play

New commands:
  • "smart_scratch"
  • "browser_back"
  • "browser_enter"
  • "effect_slot_unscroll"
  • "video_fadetoblack"

New queries [PLUGIN USE ONLY]:
  • "KeyModifier" (float*)
  • "Key" (char*)
  • "MasterTempo" (int*)
  • "VinylMode" (int*)
  • "BrowsedBpmV" (float*)
  • "BrowsedKey" (char*)

Bug fixes:
  • Timecode: Silence & Stereo sliders are now correctly refreshed with Auto-Config
  • fixed crashes in Timecode Config with RMX (Mac)
  • "Asio" error message corrected (MAC)
  • crash with audio record in mp3 (MAC)
  • fields in the broadcast interface (MAC)
  • tracklisting.txt file not listed anymore under History (MAC)
  • the BPM tag is now correctly displayed on the File Info window (MAC)
  • First fix with the VV box warning when you close VirtualDJ (MAC)
  • Vista UAC crash (PC)
  • crash with search should be fixed now (PC)
  • crash with "No Timecode signal found" window fixed (PC)
  • crash with video recording when video module was disable (PC)
  • fixed crash with multi plugins (PC & MAC)

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