VirtualDJ 5.1 (01 June 2008)

FAME engine:
  • new BPM engine with more accurate detection (with new option: "Allow BPM<80")
  • new automatic Key detection
  • optional automatic Key-Match
  • new auto-gain engine

  • video session recording
  • fade to black on level sliders
  • new video transition: none (to use with fade-to-black)

  • display both playing and coming waveform in songpos graphic
  • can move mixpoints on the fly during automix

  • new engine "VDJ Timecode v5" for VirtualDJ vinyls, optimized for scratch (the old engine "VDJ Timecode v4" optimized for needledrop is still available)
  • new engine "Noisemap" compatible with most noisemap-based records
  • new engine "PCDJ" compatible with most miss pinky-based timecode records
  • "Software RIAA preamp" now disabled in CD mode

External devices:
  • Pioneer CDJ-400
  • Vestax VCI-100
  • Denon HC4500
  • Xponent (fixed)
  • DJConsole RMX (improved)

New commands:
  • smart beat-tap (automatically snap tapped beat to the nearest likely bpm)
  • smart play (play directly on beat)
  • smart cue (hotcue always in the tempo)
  • effect_slot_scroll
  • jogwheel (for wheels without touch sensitive)
  • scratch_wheel (for wheels with touch sensitive)
  • scratchweel_touch (use this instead of "hold" to allow for smart backspins)
  • vinyl_mode (to switch between jog mode and vinyl mode on "jogwheel" and "scratch_wheel" actions)
  • key (slider for changing key [by 100=1 semitone])
  • keysmooth (like key, but allows values not multiple of a semitone)

  • new skin "HE5" featuring all the new functions of v5.1
  • new skin textitem:
    %bpmex: bpm with 2 digits after dot
    %bpmexx: bpm with 3 digits after dot
    %key: original key of song
    %Pkey: key of song including key modifier
    %camelot: camelot key of song
  • new automix textitem: chan="automix"
    It works with "title", "author", "comment", "bpm", "key", "level", "time", "start", "end", "firstbeat", "lastbeat", "linkedvideo".

Small Improvements:
  • sharper coverflow
  • improved vumeters
  • improved the function headphone_mix
  • new columns in the browser: Camelot, Composer

Bug fixes:
  • fixed memory leak in advanced timecode config
  • small video freeze on nVidia GT 8000 mobile serie should be now fixed
  • fixed problems with iCDX
  • fixed all the "Sorting" bugs
  • many small bugs from v5.0.x fixed...

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