VirtualDJ 5.0 rev6 (02 December 2007)

New features:
  • added support for MP4 video files
  • can load and play ambiant video files with no audio
  • compatible with ID3 v2.4 tags
  • new browser columns "filesize", "filedate"
  • optimized for big iTunes library
  • new actions "auto_mix_next" and "auto_mix_next_sidelist"
  • new pitch ranges 6,8,10,12,15,20,25,33,50% or anything else via registry PitchRange

Bug fixes:
  • freeze in sort thread fixed
  • fixed crash when sync_no_cbg before begining of song
  • fixed crash automix on some DRM-protected files
  • fixed can crash when automixing video sometimes
  • improved detect video/karaoke on "add to searchdb" recurse
  • fixed preview crash on DRM-protected files
  • fixed search in title/artist when filepath/filename not selected
  • fixed crash with ID3 unicode comment
  • DAC3 fixed
  • Denon HC4500 fixed
  • "+" in browser for history doesn't show if history is empty
  • "move up", "move down" folder context menu doesn't show if topmost/bottommost
  • fixed plugins loaded on startup don't show interface
  • don't add folder "$Recycle.Bin" to search database
  • bug with empty codec list saved as garbage fixed
  • bug with thread freeze while closing causing empty codec list fixed
  • fixed load mac database on pc and pc on mac.
  • fix wrong comments from ID3 tags written by iTunes
  • import cover from iTunes tags (.m4a files)
  • fix album name from iTunes tags (.m4a files)
  • fixed right deck plugin dropdown acting on left deck

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