VirtualDJ 5.0 rev4 (07 October 2007)

New features:
  • can now scratch up to one second before the begining of the song
  • new layout for controllers page
  • new type automix radio
  • new queries videoeffect*, videotrans*
  • new autoconfig engine for timecodes
  • add optional "volumes" (or "my computer" on xp) in the folder list
  • new "Enabled/Disabled" button in the video section, that completely unloads all the video engine
  • itunes nested folders

  • new skin text element: "%status" (it displays erros on loaded files, number of tag to read on queue, number of cover to download on queue, ...)

New functions:
  • browser_tovfolder

Small improvements:
  • database engine rewritten
  • sorting done in background task
  • id3 tag loading is now a background task
  • genre, crates and itunes folder are sorted
  • better import of v4.x databases
  • now when you load a song on a automixed deck, the automix stops
  • put back clearsound, pitch, end of disc, in absolute and relative mode in tcv

Bug fixes:
  • fixed bad itunes references in database
  • fixed unicode comments in ID3
  • fixes hot swap bug
  • fixed invert in midi
  • fixed the virtual folder bug
  • fixed GUI freeze bug
  • fixed the "scroll back to top after drag from virtualfolder" bug
  • crash on big vfolder is fixed
  • clearsound bug that resulted in jumping pitches should be fixed now

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