VirtualDJ 4.1 (08 October 2006)

New features:
  • sound engine optimized
  • new sound modes for 3-line mixer: 6.1 and dual 4.1+2.0
  • effect engine has been rewritten
  • shortcuts and skin actions for plugin selection can now take directly the plugin name: "effect_activate flanger"
  • several video fx plugins can be applied at the same time
  • controller mappers are now plugins from the new effect engine
  • bcd2000 is now fully supported natively
  • new behavior for djconsole hotcue, loop and fx buttons
  • new registry options: SearchInPath, SearchInFilename, SearchInComment, SearchInTitle, SearchInArtist
  • new registry option: EqInHeadphones
  • new option to disable shortcuts
  • when selecting an effect from drop-down, holding "CTRL" let you select a new without stopping current.
  • new actions "select_effect_multi" and "video_select_fx_multi" to select without stopping current.
  • better behavior for novideo plugin
  • better behavior when same audio plugin applied on both decks
  • new query: Query("help",char**) return a pointer to a string with the list of all query available in this version.
  • new queries: angle, status, songstatus
  • new action: reloop
  • auto-bpm is now auto-PitchMatch, and doesn't affect "sync", but only the pitch on load (and on sync_nocbg).

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